Rhubarb Cake, 12/7/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

silence is only outside your head

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Emre--Dark Matter

The Hueys: You Ain't No Hippie
   and if anybody would know, it'd be Huey "Piano" Smith, gone all funk

Derek Bailey: Introduction/Advertisement
   exactly what you get from Incus!
Phil Ochs: Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
   it's just like how Rorschach started
Muslimgauze/Spooncurve: Each Tear (of Fatima)
   the shortest way with trip-hop, as with deserters
Barbara Lewis: I Don't Want To Be Hurted
   somebody wrote those lyrics. Seriously: somebody wrote them

Hrvatski: Eintrag Raum
   IDM finger exercise of the highest order
Hairy Butter: Ryuyr Fujkse Fifi
   IDM typing drill of a high order
Cex: What's Outside Your Window? More Windows
   notes that IDM dorks who demand non-meaning can call it "Zadda Zoo"
The Fall: Serum
   IDM rotgut, dripped to order
King Crimson: Discipline
   no, just kidding, they really are machines

The Aislers Set: Yeh, Yeh
   Georgie and the del-Fames
Candypants: Sweet Judy Blume Eyes
   scores many points for the title alone
Leatherface: Sour Grapes
   anything with that voice will never ever be ordinary
The Moles: What's The New Mary Jane
   how many songs named after Beatles songs are miles better?
Death By Chocolate: L.S. Bumble Bee
   33 years earlier she'd have been begging for a ban

Faust: The Lurcher/Kraut Rock/Do So
   in session on the BBC, Mar. 1, 1973

Monoshock: Model Citizen (Nitroglycerine)
   can't open his mouth without flames coming out of it
The Mountain Goats: Jaipur
   and what do you know, the guy who turned me on to the above
Richard Youngs: The World Is Silence In Your Head
   after two tries, he's the master of the 3-song solo album
Kiki & Herb: Exit Music (For A Film)
   frightening how well it adapts to their methodology

!!!: Hammerhead
   give them a break, they work up a sweat
Moot: Mavis
   sponging off the dubby napout
Coco: C O C O
   that's spelled ee, ess, gee. More or less
Therkel Petersen: Qivittoq-song [several times]
   he's felt the presence of death--in the past tense--and is singing
Mission For Christ: Pennies From Hell (Dub)
   sounds much better with Therkel Petersen singing, doesn't it?
Wille Tee: I Found Out (You Are My Cousin)
   good-time R&B about the horrors of unwitting incest

BLEK INK live in session at WFMU 11/15/00 (engineered by Jesse Cannon)
   You're A Teacher Now
   Camping Trip
   Imaginary Line
   Faith Leads/Striped Sweater
   Lemon Juice
   I Truly Understand You Love Another Man
   Scars In The Sky/Strákurina Fór Heim

The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet: Stalin Wasn't Stallin'
   remember when this passed for patriotism, American-style?
The New Pornographers: Letter From An Occupant
   Canadian all-stars inc. Neko Case and the Destroyer guy
Lou Minati: Blackmail Me?
   prank calls in dub
Daisuke Tobari: 3
   not even sure who, but pleasantly Yximalloo-y (not a palindrome)
Joel R.L. Phelps and the Downer Trio: Songbird
   "you like her because she's got a beautiful voice and writes the best songs!"

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