Rhubarb Cake, 10/12/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

tender words, tendered

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Heavy Flute

Sun City Girls: I Wanna Go To The Moon/Chameleon 2000
   putting the Sun back in Sun Ra, sorta

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: I'm Only You

Alemayehu Eshete: Techero Atari Negn
   the hardest JB funk Ethiopia '71 could tender
J Church: Ivy League College
   yay-close to actionably close to "Louie Louie"
Jack O' Fire: The Container Drivers
   taking the Fall back to their nonexistent blues roots
Inflatable Boy Clams: Skeletons
   who the hell, exactly, were they?
DJ Sushi: Devastating Devastator
Ladytron: He Took Her To A Movie (remix Bertrand)
   what happens to Kraftwerk after you get a few cognacs in them

reading: Alastair Crowley, reading his own "The Poet" (happy 125th b'day!)
Lisa Marr Experiment: Another Night
Lee Fields & the Explorers: I'm The Man
   a schism in the soul, but he's got enough to go around
Ixna: Mi Ne Parolas
   fabulous Esperanto electro--again, who were they?

The Duplex Players: Picnic Ape (Version)
   the Duplex Planet crew covers the Incredible Casuals
Barry Harris: Pannonica
   tack-piano Monk, elegant and sticky
Jessamine: Your Head Is So Small It's Like A Little Light
   their one unmitigated classic, and you have to unscrew the package

OVAL live in session at WFMU 9/22/00 (eng. Jesse Cannon)
   this time we got it right--a bunch of new untitled pieces played by
Markus Popp and his PowerBook (with a WFMU mousepad for extra local flava)

Laura Cantrell: Not The Tremblin' Kind (Peel session version)

CIRCLE live in session at WFMU 9/22/00 (eng. Jesse Cannon)
   Jussi Lahtisalo: bass
   Jyrki Laiho: guitar
   Teemu Elo: guitar
   Teemu Niemelä: keyboards
   Janne Peltomäki: drums
   they played a continuous 23-minute medley:

Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness
   singing (and singing with) Will Oldham, will wonders never cease
Confetti: Here Again
   somebody has to be the Young Marble Giants at any given moment
Archie Shepp: Money Blues
New Bomb Turks: Ally Smile
Iron Lung: Caspar Weinberger's On Fire
   as if their grammar has been replaced by somebody else's
Printed Circuit: Gimme Aibo

The Fall: Oswald Defense Lawyer (live)
   new live disc is exactly like Seminal Live, except good--very
Ivan Seal & Benedict Drew: Cacophone
   something's terribly wrong, in a good way
Third Point: Majestic Soul
   post-schism quasi-JB's, encore

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