Rhubarb Cake, 10/5/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

out of phrase

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background: Mimeo: Electric Mimeo

Sam Cooke: That's It--I Quit--I'm Movin' On
Elvis Costello: Blame It On Cain
   two songs, except they're really one
Angels Of Light: Angels Of Light
   and speaking of theology

reading: John Darnielle: Barbaric Yawp City

Cheater Slicks: Munchen Gretchen
   a case of criticism actually making a song better after the fact
John Martyn: May You Never
Trumans Water: Radar 1941
   covering the classic-to-19-people Sun City Girls song
Sockeye: Chant
   and here's the thing about them: they are/were damn funny
Marie "Queenie" Lyons: Your Thing Ain't No Good Without My Thing

Leo Cuypers: Stefanus
Phase Selector Sound: Sky Cup
Conjure: 'Sputin
Radiohead: Kid A
Fredrick Lonberg-Holm: Heard About Lorna's Brother?

The Saints: This Perfect Day
Jandek: Nancy Sings
   reminds me of those Kath Bloom records, actually

SPOTLIGHT ON CORDELIA'S DAD--amazing trad-American-music/fuzz-pedal hybrid
from Northampton, MA, along with a couple of their side projects

   Lowlands of Holland (first, s/t album)
   Delia (How Can I Sleep?)
   Johnny Oh Johnny/Rogers' Gray Mare (4 Songs)

   Brother Judson (live on WMBR)
   Katy Cruel (Comet)
   Idumea (Roadkill)
   Hush (7")

   Zabe i Babe: Lipe Cvatu
   Io: Hammer (In My Living Room comp)
   Io: Something Out There (7")
   Cordelia's Dad: Knife (Spine)

Gloria Gaynor: Let's Make A Deal
Pluxus vs. Fridge: All That
Pascal Comelade: Love Too Soon
Electronic: Twisted Tenderness

...an unsuccessful attempt to air a live session by OVAL, aborted due to
technical difficulties--we got it right the next week...

Ginger Johnson and his African Messengers: Talking Drum
The Bellrays: Gather Darkness
Fela & Africa 70: Water No Get Enemy

The Softies: Me & the Bees
Cerrone: Supernature
Honeybunch: Mine Your Own Business

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