Rhubarb Cake, 9/21/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

knives up/knives out

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Meredith Monk: Our Lady of Late

Tim Sparks: Dos Oyberste Fun Shtoysl
   hatless atlas point at star
Mudhoney: Inside Job
   their toughest single since their first, and it's only a download

reading from Mervyn Peake: Titus Groan

Irmin Schmidt: Swelter's Aria: Be A Happy Carnivore!
   I know I played it two months ago, but it is the only apropos thing
Bellatrix: This Boy Will Be Mine
   Icelandic and randy, what a great combination
Helium: Lucy
   in honor of Mary Timony playing at the Knit

The Hazeltones: Scratch The Surface
   the Nutley Brass go pop and inflate a squirrel or two
Mount Florida: Last Airboat to Daytona Beach
   billed as "their Fela tribute," which it's not, but the groove is mighty
Baudelaire Memorial Orchestra: Count Olaf
   Stephin Merritt at http://www.lemonysnicket.com

   Skywave: Ceremony
   Ashtray Boy: Dreams Never End
   The Times: Lundi Bleu
   Velocity Girl: Your Silent Face
   Chappaquiddick Skyline: Leave Me Alone

   Oyster Band: Love Vigilantes
   Devine + Statton: Bizarre Love Triangle
   The Boo Radleys: Boo! Faith
   Dominions: Every Little Counts
   Get Up Kids: Regret

Mates of State: Proofs
Quintron: Mysterious Rangers
   hammering on that organ like he wants to prove his soul
Joseph Henry: Who's The King? (You Know That's Me)
   some people barely have to flex to prove it
Beat Happening: Zombie Limbo Time
   and Calvin can still shimmy like your sister Kate
Rudimentary Peni: The Internal Censor
   am I the only person who's DELIGHTED that they made a new record?
Hank Williams: Weary Blues From Waitin'

ERASE ERRATA in session at WFMU 9/10/00 (engineer: Diane Farris):
   A Passion For Acting
   The Shade
   Cat & Canary
   Short Stint Harvesting

California Lightening: Penitentiary
   two members of Erase Errata, excellent in a different way
Broadcast: Unchanging Window/Chord Simple
   live in studio, evidently, from their fine new EP
Mary Lou Lord & Nick Saloman: Outdoor Miner
   surprisingly fine, weird choice of material

Fennesz: 03_02_00
   sixteen minutes of "what's wrong with my radio?"
The Go-Betweens: Magic In Here
   back to the old wood where things still resonate

Lord Commander: No Crime, No Law
   calypso bites down hard enough to draw blood
Han Bennink & Terrie Ex: Knijt
John Schott: Elegy: Thomas Edison & Emile Berliner
   was he, like... improvising?

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