Rhubarb Cake, 9/7/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

driving behind the cow

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Control Panel: Broken Tango

Fairport Convention: Reno, Nevada
   well, that's where I was, and it is a long long way

The Molls: White Stains
   Peter Prescott before Burma, rocking out underground style
Letta Mbulu: Mahlalela
   everything she does is happy
St. Germain: Rose Rouge
   the ghost wants us to reconcile, she says
Shooby Taylor: Tico-Tico
   heard it in the town square in Amsterdam, it stuck with me
V-Twin: Delinquency
   Brit remixables go Motown with fabularious results

Charles Amirkhanian: Dutiful Ducks
   does anybody know where I can find his "Dot Bunch"?
Martine Viard: Récitation 11 (by Georges Aperghis)
   more fun with word-sound-'ave-power
from Midnight Matinee: This Was Your Husband
   more fun with Shakespeare-sound-'ave-power
Stina Nordenstam: Purple Rain
   the only way to give it back its power is to scrape the context away
Dance Chromatic: Jouissance
   for me, it's just that little voice at the end

Lung Leg: Right Now Baby
   an almost confident demand for lovin'
Len Chandler & Bernice Johnson Reagon: I'm Going To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
   languid and back-porch-ish but they mean what they say
Art Ensemble of Chicago: Theme de Yoyo
   the word is "fork." "fork." like the implement.
Sun City Girls: Old Nancy Wardrobe In The Dance Closet
   more convincing than otherwise jazz

reading: Donald Barthelme: This Newspaper Here

Mink Lungs: Think Of Me
   finally getting around to recording a non-side project, I see
The 6ths: Kissing Things
   amazing amazing country song not at all performed or produced like one
Don Covay: Shingaling '67
   some people can stomp their feet any time
Combatwoundedveteran: Mercury Streams, The Proliferation Of Foreign Matter
   some people's rhythms are more like wrecking balls
Amy Denio: Your Condition
   gets Jandek more than Jandek does
The Relict: Along The Avenue
   call it a cool-off period

Erase Errata: Short Stint Harvesting
   on RC week-after-next and I can't wait
Pram: The Owl Service
   new album is a major leap forward, as far as I'm concerned
Mofungo: El Salvador
   sometimes all you need is food in common
Luminous Orange: You Grow Up The Clouds In My Mind
   ba-ba-BAAAA! ba ba-ba ba ba

Cex: Academy Award (Cex Edit)
   beating up the Dismemberment Plan
Hasil Adkins: Chicken Twist (1962)
   just as long as it's only dancing, Hasil

(amazing singer/songwriter/drummer/Orff-instrumentalist from Australia, and
her many many bands)

   Sea Haggs: Seasaw
   Sleater-Kinney: Lora's Song
   Keckle: Spider Song
           Elephant Song
   Sea Haggs: Sea Hagg
   Popemobile: Clump

   Lora Macfarlane: Birfdae
                    Hairy Song
   Casini: New Season Reason Construction Dub
   99: Super-Eight
       I Am Not American
       What Happened To That Lady

   99: Bring On The Dancing Horses
       Hong Kong Fuey

   99: Polar Angle

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