Rhubarb Cake, 8/17/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

don't eat the shark

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Miles Davis: Big Fun

The 6ths with Odetta: Waltzing Me All The Way Home
   the sweetest sound in 40 years
Electronic: Make It Happen
   sometimes things need time to ripen

unknown Chinese band: I Saw Her Standing There
   oh yeah? well you try playing Chinese opera music
Of Montreal: She's My Best Friend
   ripened, again, this time like a very good banana
Dooley Silverspoon: Bump Me Baby
   sometimes a banana is actually pink
Low & Spring Heel Jack: Way Behind
   quietness fighting its way out from the machines
Equal Interest: Apricots From Eden
   Myra Melford meets the AACM and does Turkish traditional music

Eyeliners: Party Til The Break Of Dawn
   barre chords are easy, fun and your friends
Kazumoto Endo: Fear My Kung Fu
   whack! pow! distort! louder!
The Pissed-Officers: Fear My Kung Fu
   one of the funniest bands ever--passed out lyric sheets at ALL their shows
Bellrays: Shotgun
   how can something this incendiary not be felt all over?
Barbara Manning: Cakewalking
   from the never-released YMG tribute, finally on her singles comp
Blood Brothers: Jordan Billie Pets The Wild Horse's Mane
   the sick things you don't want to admit turn you on

Datach'i: Animals Coming Home Are Excited
   like, um, ripened bananas
Bantous Jazz: Watchi Wara
   the intricate web of treetops
Pascal Comelade with Robert Wyatt: September Song
   you'd think he'd have been born to sing this one? sorta...

spotlight on SMOG:
   This Insane Cop (Forgotten Foundation)
   I Am Star Wars! (Julius Caesar)
   My Shell (Burning Kingdom)
   A Hit (7")

   Be Hit (Wild Love)
   The Sundowners: The Girl With The Thing In Her Hair (7")
   Your New Friend (Kicking A Couple Around)
   Whistling Teapot (Rag) (The Doctor Came At Dawn)
   Ex-Con (Red Apple Falls)

   Came Blue (7")
   Cold Blooded Old Times (Knock Knock)
   Strayed (single version)

Kolrassa Krokriļandi: Laļu Mér Vængi
   Iceland's best pop band these days, maybe
Sightings: Four Alarm Clocks
   hooray for neo-no-wave

Elizabeth Elmore recorded in session, 7/31/00 (engineer: Jesse Cannon)
   The End Of July
   (Sean Na Na cover)
   (new song)
   Half As Far
   Detroit Star-Lite
   (new song)
   (new song)

Farmers Market: Ramadan's Slow Song & Dance
   the quasi-multi-ethnic one, not the glitchophonic one
Masters At Work: The Ha Dance
   arms crossed, fur hats on, beats pumpin'
R. Stevie Moore: I Wasn't Drinking (I Was Just Tired)
   but R. Stevie, you're tireless!
Curtis Mayfield: Readings In Astrology
   super-on lame-zeitgeist detector
Buena Vistas: Kick Back
   there was a time when anybody could funk

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