Rhubarb Cake, 8/3/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas


this show is archived here--listen!

background: Sub Oslo: Dubs in the Key of Life

Eyvind Kang: Circle of Fair Karma II

reading: Rennie Sparks: Springtime

The Bellrays: Thunder All The Time
King Kong: Dirty City Rainy Day
Gene Anderson: The Devil Made Me Do it
Karp: We Ate Sand

The Locust: Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle
The Locust/I Am Spoonbender: Monkey's Uncle remix
People Like Us: Whistle Song
Dickel Brothers: I'm Getting Ready To Go
The Loud Family: Take Me Down (Too Halloo)

Felt Pilotes: Moving Day
Vashti Bunyan: Where I Like To Stand

a spotlight on songs from the rather mindboggling Pink Pig:
   Silence The Eyes: 10:15 Saturday Night
   Supermika: The Perfect Girl
   Dji: A Japanese Dream
   Jenner: Pictures Of You

   Ludise: A Forest
   Instituto Del Quemado: The Caterpillar
   Pablo Dog: Let's Go To Bed
   Alven: Mr. Alphabet Says 

   Lindsey Grodoski: From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
   In My Head: Throw Your Foot
   Lumpy Froth: Killing An Arab
   Jaime Sin Terra: The Snakepit
   Sugar Addict: Uyea Sound

   E. Koven: Why Can't I Be You?

The Secret Stars in session with guest Ted Leo 
(recorded 7/19/00 by engineer Jesse Cannon)
   Riot Kill
   Can You Feel It?
   Release Form
   The Congress
   Song For Abner Louima
   and two new Ted Leo songs that don't have names yet

Shriek Of The Mutated: Living Dead Girl
Kahimi Karie: What Are You Wearing?
Pluramon/SND: (res)
Flin Flon: Swift Current
The Flatmates: I Could Be In Heaven
Augustus Pablo: East Of The River Nile

To Rococo Rot: Berlin 98 Version

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