Rhubarb Cake, 7/27/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

tongue damage

this show is archived here--listen!

Four Tet/Rothko: Rivers Become Oceans
   thinking about the beats two minutes into the future
Arthur Russell: Being It
   leaving out the beats and drifting into the past
IQU: Teenage Dream
   bearing down on the beats and new-ordering through the present

Optiganally Yours: Walk & Chew Gum
   as Jason points out, "it's got that effortless thing going on"
Thee Headcoats: When You Stop Loving Me
   how is it possible that this song was not written in 1966?
Black Dice: 14
   hardcore as Boredoms as This Heat as squeaky gate
Elliott Smith: Because
   the eighty-seventh Beatle
East River Pipe: Axl Or Iggy
   spent two wasted years not listening to this band because of this song title

Photon Band: Could It Be?
   eccsame them already! c'mon!
Delroy Wilson: Addisababa
   religious Rastafarian reinterpretation of "House Of The Rising Sun"
Alastair Galbraith: Identical
   an unsteady lake of impressions
Blek Ink: Peppírsfluger
   a tributary in Iceland
Warn Defever: Which Will
   Nick Drake as lost '20s blues
Neil Innes: Crystal Balls
   sometimes insincerity is a form of anger
Marva Whitney & Ellis (Gripey) Taylor: We Need More (But Somebody Gotta
   or simply: "Tramp '73"
Arab On Radar: Insults Spark The Plot
   all of their songs are about human leakiness

(a very odd, very high-concept English band of the '80s)
   Jane's Third Party
   I've Got A Tinnitron Amusement Centre

   Creative Marketing In 8 Dimensions
   Sing Song d-o-7-7-s-i-n-g
   Sing Song r-e-A-l-s-i-n-g
   Sing Song f-a-E-G-s-i-n-g
   Sing Song s-o-o-h-s-i-n-g
   Sing Song d-o-8-5-s-i-n-g

   Autumn Cutback Jºb Lot Offer, pts. 1-4

Danielson Famile: All Hallow's Eve
   the haunting is only in the looping of the voice
The Fall: Jerusalem
   bassy Blake, from their new I Am As Pure As Oranj live album
Frank Sidebottom: Love Will Tear Us Apart/How I Wrote Elastic Man/Take 
The Skinheads Bowling/Bigmouth Strikes Again (medley)
   words fail me
K.: The Plan
   Karla Schickele of Ida with a splendid solo single

PITA (a special live session recorded at home exclusively for Rhubarb Cake)
   Days Inn Days Out, pts. 1-3

Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre: Brittle Women
   no-wave Bowie-wannabe-chick action!!
Irmin Schmidt: Be A Happy Carnivore!
   from his operatic adaptation of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy
Quickspace: The Flat Moon Society
   single strum becomes basis for fine song
Sun City Girls: Ruins Of An Old Casino
   somebody discovered a cheap delay unit
Souvenir: Ne Dis Pas
   swell Francophone version of "Girl Don't Tell Me"

Meredith Monk: Wa-lie-oh
   voice, alone
Arthur Russell: Treehouse
   cello, alone
Tangerine Awkestra: Twelve Bar Blues
   one member of an orchestra, alone

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