Rhubarb Cake, 6/29/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

it's 1972

background: Helen Mirra: Field Geometry

Lou Reed: Wild Child
The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Immm
Jefferson Airplane: Thunk
   thanks to a dream I had in which these three artists had collaborated in 1972

Algebra Suicide: Little Dead Bodies
   like a vision out of an apocalyptic art movie
Green Velvet: Water Molecule
   if people dance to this they're sicker than I thought
Future Bible Heroes: I'm Lonely (And I Love It)
   it's really just a country song in disguise
New Order: Round & Round
   every year they sound more prophetic
The Kitty Vermont: Streets Of Tokyo
   somebody wants to be Stephin Merritt so badly they can taste it

reading: Yasunari Kawabata: The Silver Fifty-Sen Pieces

Crayon: Another King Of The World
   you fools, we don't even need to tune our instruments to crush you
Datach'i/Mogwai: We Are Always Well Thank You (Remix)
   glitching is just another way of rocking very slowly
Fred Wesley & the J.B.'s: Blow Your Head (undubbed version)
   without the signature P.E. synth riff, it's a whole different song
Cooper-Moore: Blues For Jaki Byard
   if only he didn't have those issues (the phase ones)

Kishore Kumar: Ina Mina Dika
   happiest song I've heard in forever
Fugs: Fishing Blues
   a passable impersonation of happiness
Dan Crow: Soup! Soup! Soup!
   youth is the happiest time, especially if you're hooked on phonics
Manhattan Brothers: Jikela Emaweni
   some kind of happy accident
Maher Shalal Hash Baz: Great Gothic Country Song
   happiness is a melty little track
Bailter Space: Retro
   not happy, in the Pere Ubu sense

The Dismemberment Plan: What Do You Want Me To Say?
   guess they're always that hot live, huh?
Max Tundra: The Balaton
   two dials between each pair of fingers
Oval: Ovalprocess 1
   two subroutines between each pair of routers
Antony & the Johnsons: River of Sorrow
   I feeeeeel and you're going to KNOW about it
Ida: Firefly
   conversely, there's the understatement approach

Vladislav Delay: live performance 6.28*+-.00
   a 71-minute piece recorded at home exclusively for Rhubarb Cake

Bonnie "Blue" Billy: Little Boy Blue II
   five conceptual curls ahead of everyone else

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