Rhubarb Cake, 6/22/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

an anda-oil light

Evolution Control Committee: Music for Selling
   that's all it really does as far as some people are concerned
Beau Dollar: Who Knows
   the Dapps' bass player uncannily anticipates the Soul Providers

Klaus Nomi: Total Eclipse
   gives me an excuse to howl along in falsetto
Lolita Storm: I Luv Speed
   and clearly not much else, but do we care? no! it's Bow Wow Wow time!
Karen Mantler: Shedding
   rarely have jokes been so incidental to the value of a song
Dim-Dim: Crispy
   for the junior breakbeat crowd
Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth: Kill Or Be Killed
   recall the thrilling days of very very early jungle
Miss Frosty: Skin Or No Skin
   somebody is defrosting this at home

reading: Jackson Mac Low: "1st Light Poem for Iris 10 June 1962"

Pat Conte: Will I Ever
   dept. of happy congruences
Her Space Holiday/Bright Eyes: Contrast And Compare (Making Words Work Mix)
   add a little HSH to your mix, like Calgon in your bath, and aaaah
For Against: Times Square Go-Go Boy
   "they're still together?" yes, and it's an inspired East River Pipe cover
Conversion: Interference
   people from New Jersey who thought they were new wave, and sorta were
Belle & Sebastian: Women's Realm
   they just NEVER LET UP with the good stuff, do they?

Hoahio: Hoahio Song
   is it really a song or just a long quiet battle cry?
DAT Politics: Tracto Flirt 5
Deerhoof: Gore In Beans
   rapidly becoming a WFMU standard
Ida: This Water
   heavy and low, like the Carter Family they love so much

   Sram (practice tape from late 1991 w/ Hal Russell)
   Survivors Suite (live on WNUR, early '92 w/ H.R.)
   Attack Sequence (546 Seconds Of Noise EP)
   Pointed Stick--93B (Constructive Destruction)
   Clammer & Sprint--93B (live) (from Experience The Now Sound Of Chicago's
HOT Wicker Park compilation)
   Demonic Velocities/20,000,000 Volts (Destroy All Music)
   Throwing Bricks (live) (from In Bulb-O-Phonic compilation)
   Fist Through Glass--94A (Destroy All Music)
   Storm Of Shit (Revenge Of The Flying Luttenbachers)
   7 (Gods Of Chaos)

Richard Youngs: Soon It Will Be Fire
   but now it's only a long fragrant simmer from the R!!!S!!! guy
Stars: This Charming Man
   how better to make your name than by reworking someone else's break?

The Clientele (recorded at WFMU 6/9/00, engineer Jesse Cannon):
   Reflections After Jane
   Step Into The light
   Driving South
   House On Fire
   6 AM Morningside
   And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind

Jean Smith: Snippet From Hell
   every record she's made sounds better with time (except Bright Like Ice)
Ewan MacColl: Legal--Illegal
   know, as they say, your rights
Cha-Cha Cohen: Sparky's Note
   three singles and outski? what about the aaaaalbum?
Old School Township: Umbombela
   jive plus beats = fun
Sun City Girls: That Black Hat Glow
   improvisation is easier if you don't know what you're doing

Metamorphosis: Aquarium

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