Rhubarb Cake, 6/15/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

the flaw that proves the case

Nick Drake: Things Behind The Sun
   featuring the single mistake in his canon

Scott Appel: Our Season
   from his album of not-quite-released Drake songs
Karen Mantler's Pet Project: Wild Or Tame?
   concept album about her search for a new pet to replace her late cat
Bablicon: Anne On An Infibulus
   no, I couldn't tell you, either

reading: from David Markson: Wittgenstein's Mistress

Young Marble Giants: Brand-New Life (demo)
   honestly, I prefer the two-hyphen version
Miles Davis: Billy Preston
   splashing away on those cymbals like it could erase a blot
Love Lee: Respect
   treating the rhythm guitar exactly the same way
Fennesz: Paint It Black
   someday Plays will be recognized as an incredibly important record

Belle & Sebastian: Waiting For The Moon To Rise
   and where has she been keeping her songwriting self?
The Aislers Set: Faint Chairnt
   if they throb loudly enough it will keep the hurt away
Bubblegum Splash: Plastic Smile
   sounds like she's singing very reluctantly and under extreme pressure

a little spotlight on DISCO INFERNO, an amazing English band (electric
instruments-plus-MIDI-plus-sampler) of the early '90s who never quite got
their due, with a track apiece from most of their official releases (and a
handful of short ones from their last bow, The Mixing It Session):
   From The Devil To The Deep Blue Sky
   A Crash At Every Speed
   The Last Dance

   It's A Kid's World
   Second Language

Electric Blue Peggy Sue And The Revolutionions From Mars: Hunger
   most retarded band name ever, but great hard crunch-funk
Nasum: Sick System
   nineteen seconds of napalm
Criterion: Sole Controller
   belongs next to "Darling I Know" in the loop hall of fame
DNA: You And You
   they had so many barriers, so they happily walked into them
Bongwater: You Don't Love Me Yet
   I will probably never understand their internal dynamic

The Dishes (live at WFMU 6/11/00, thanks to engineer Diane Farris)
   Dirty Highway
   She's #1
   French Kissing
   I'm A Bug
   Restless Leg

Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos: Lots Of Hearts
   that organ threatens to do what it says
Susie Ibarra: Flower After Flower
   three rattling cheers for the kulintang kit
Harold Faltermeyer: Axel F.
   I can't help myself, I just needed to hear it
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: Introduction No. 9
   cover reads "SGL SCRMNG KSHR KSHR"--kosher kosher?
Ornette Coleman: Good Girl Blues
   welcome to the fifth-dimensional roadhouse

Moondog: Enough About Human Rights
   I really wish Run On had recorded their version of this

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