Rhubarb Cake, 6/1/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

everything within range

background: Alan Licht/Michael Snow at the No Music Festival

Susan Christie: I Love Onions
   "if they were rare, they would be esteemed a great delicacy"

Magnetic Fields: No One Will Ever Love You
   Fleetwood Mac as a genre
Momus interviews Stephin Merritt
   from his new "spurious folk" or whatever it is CD-R
The Carter Family: Black Jack David
   some people like them only for the gossip about them
Young Marble Giants: N.I.T.A. (demo)
   from that new and lovely Salad Days CD
Pole: Rondell Zwei
   B-side of new 12", but really, who can tell...?
Kevin Ayers: Everybody's Sometime and Some People's All The Time Blues
   the 26th anniversary of its recording, by request

Echo and the Bunnymen: The Back of Love
   early single with those loud loud drums
Look Blue Go Purple: Winged Rumour
The Meta-Matics: Absence Of Rhythm
   not the Metamatics, who are a techno thing
Saint Etienne: How We Used To Live
   within big empty-ish structures, apparently
Baby Tooth: Jet Lag
   love how those flourishes abruptly fall away

Delta 5: Shadow
   their farewell single--an attempt to go mersh
Band of Outsiders: Tote Bag Ladies
   I'll never make fun of the new wave again, honest
The Beakers: Red Towel
   clearly did some dancing at Hurrah!
The Monstars: Funny Saga
   Afrodisco via Eurodisco
Hank Ballard: Let's Go Skinny Dipping
   from his early-'70s pro-public-nudity period

David S. Ware: Glorified Calypso
   what a quartet powerhouse!
Tom Ze/Sasha Frere-Jones/Liz Mitchell: Gene To Gene
   sounds like really lucky simultaneity
Railroad Jerk: Rollercoaster
   "It takes a worried man to sing a worried song, and I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!"
Susie Ibarra: Fractal
The Meters: Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push And Shove)

Smudge: The Outdoor Type
   later covered by the Lemonheads, fabulous bit of self-deprecation
Kim Fowley: I'm Bad
   "speak for yourself, Ferdinand"--R. Xgau, on a different record
The Mendoza Line: You Singled Me Out
   the indie-pop "Silver Spring," and I mean that in the best way
Ozomatli: Cut Chemist Suite
    why rock when you can scratch?
V/VM: Rock Me Amadeus
    why rock when you can scratch someone's eyes out?
Television Personalities: How I Learned To Love The Bomb
    the moment at which he discovered actual dread

The Bangs (recorded in session 5/22/00; engineer Jesse Cannon)
   Chocolate Cobwebs
   Sweet Revenge
   Schick Shadel
   Fast Easy Love
   Southern Girls
   Maggie The Cat

The Sea Urchins: Pristine Christine
   have never been able to figure out exactly what tone he's taking
Fela Kuti: Who're You
Supersilent: C-2.1
Pylon: Volume

Yeah Yeah Noh: Cottage Industry
   kiss-off as debut
Rob Wasserman: Punk Sizzle
   he doesn't mean either but he works that low end just fine anyway
Bessie Griffin: Too Close To Heaven
   touchingly, fades out after she's been simmering for a while
Mad Planets: Paperchase
   music makes me think of you, dear listeners

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