Rhubarb Cake, 5/25/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas


background: Christian Fennesz: Il Libro Mio

Death of Samantha: Rosenberg Summer
   a demand for retrospective justice
Yoko Ono: Death of Samantha
   a plea for immediate understanding (her son calls it "Cool Chick Baby")

Aaron Mbambo: Selishanile Ilonga
The A-Team: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
   not the A*Teens but the A-Team, West Coast hip-hop all-nuts
Autoclave: I'll Take You Down
Helen Love: Girl About Town
   that rarity, an answer song that totally eclipses the original

The Supremes: Nathan Jones
   post-Diana, mid-blues, top 10 for the very last time
Licorice Roots: Yic Yac Blues
   the thing is they're smoking the licorice roots
Optiganally Yours: Rake
Sonic Youth: Side 2 Side
Algebra Suicide: In Bed With Boys
   can you tell today was "raid the 'A' bin of singles day"?
The Sensational Nightingales: Somewhere To Lay My Head
   everybody has to lie down with something

Phylicia Allen: Josephine Superstar, pt. 1
   from her insane Josephine Baker disco-bio-LP, produced by Jacques
   Morali--one of the very few things I've ever played that got "please make
   it stop" emails
Tackhead: Einstein
   brittle, brilliant
Secret Chiefs 3: Jãbarsã

Alice Donut: Demonologist
   shaky song with a majestic riff
Skinned Teen: Karate Hairdresser
   one of those "imagination way ahead of competence" things
A Certain Ratio: Shack Up
The Secret Stars: Eyelashes
   playing their only 2000 show at Ida's record-release party in July
Aislers Set: One Half Laughing
   congrats, Belle & Sebastian, you are now an "influence"
Belle & Sebastian: Judy Is A Dick Slap
   no no no! we do not want to be an "influence"!

The Human League: Being Boiled
   what, like 3 years from this to "Fascination"?
Manhattan Bros.: Jikela Emaweni
Furious Pig: I Don't Like Your Face
   "Furious Pig had some ideas, but who listens to them any more?"--ha HA!
Love, Execution Style: By The Hummingbird Feeder
   they of the infamous $5-and-we'll-write-you-a-song offer
Elliott Smith: Division Day
Michael Mantler: The Insect God
   Robert Wyatt sings Edward Gorey!--not kidding...

Akaten: Scissors
   a beautiful ruin
June Tabor: This Wheel's On Fire
   a beautiful ruin
Amoebic Ensemble: Headless Emcee
   a beautiful ruin

Ex-Girl, a cappella, recorded in session 5/19/00 (Diane Farris, engineer):
   Jet Mogura
   Disco 3000
   Tofu Song

The Dapps: I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Yesterday)
   white funk band who backed up JB do their own thing
Disinformation/Simon Fisher Turner: Parabolas
   former child star + noise from deep space = glitchy fun
Isolée: Rest
Disc: untitled
   what better medium for digital damage than vinyl?

reading from J.L. Borges, "The Thousand Nights and a Night"

The Ampersands: Annabel Bleach
   a love song to the Cannanes' first singer
Sister Clara Hudmon: Stand By Me
The Green Ray: Night Train To...
Demarnia Lloyd: Folding
   what a fine drone-tone she's got
The Gossip: Jailbreak
   the grandchildren of Sleater-Kinney

Primal Scream: My Bloody Valentine Arkestra
   perhaps we could convince Kevin to mix some more things

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