Rhubarb Cake, 5/11/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

miner threat

background: Hazard: Field

Delgados: Accused Of Stealing
    the accusation, you realize, is less well remembered than the grudge

Buzzcocks: Boredom
    ba-DUM ba-DUM
Sarah Dougher: The New Carissa
    superb songwriter, playing the Knit on the 21st
Billy Bragg & Wilco: All You Fascists
    from their new collaboration--more Woody Guthrie songs!
The Buff Medway's: Manic Depression
    first single by Billy Childish's new trio: two Hendrix songs

The Mendoza Line: My Tattered Heart And Torn Parts
    two minutes of sheer bitterness
Divine Force: Holy War (Live)
    four minutes of sheer confidence
T-Love Featuring This Kid Named Miles: Nobody Knows My Name Revisited
    slippery West Coast hip-hop
June Gardner: It's Gonna Rain
    no relation to Reich
Ornette Coleman: Written Word
    previously unreleased jam-out from the Science Fiction sessions

Ex-Girl: Disco 3000
Bright Eyes: Sunrise, Sunset
    he sounds like it's an attack on him
Basque: Wool & Water
    bass & voice, simple & sweet
Evelyn Glennie: Attack Of The Glowworm
    solo improv from the great deaf percussionist
Sun City Girls: Where Dead People Live
    trio improv from the great batty multi-instrumentalists

reading: Jim Steinman fan page (over Bat Out Of Hell live!)

Andrew W.K.: We Want Fun
    the Steinman meme goes viral
Kimya Dawson: Everything's Alright
    fortunately, she is the anti-Steinman
U Roy: Everybody Bawling
    though some deejays by trade would disagree with her
The Turn-Offs: Dance Hit
    happy happy FIST FIGHT!
The Fur Ones: On Vacation
    sometimes the right synth timbre is all you need
Sounds Nice: Flying
    although sometimes an endorsement from Paul McCartney helps too

a tribute to WIRE, in honor of their Irving Plaza show:
 Scrawl: Reuters
 My Bloody Valentine: Map Ref. 41'N 93'W
 Big Black: Heartbeat
 Charles De Goal: A Question Of Degree
 This Mortal Coil: Alone
 Kustomized: Surgeon's Girl
 R.E.M.: Strange
 Die Kreuzen: Pink Flag

 Sorry: Ex Lion Tamer
 Soulside: Ex Lion Tamer
 Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters: Ex Lion Tamer
 Insect Surfers: Ex Lion Tamer
 Firehose: Mannequin
 Lush: Mannequin
 Miss Murgatroid: Used To
 Band of Susans: Too Late

Wire: 12XU
    have I mentioned how EXCITED I am?
Luke Slater: Body Freefall, Electric Inform #1
    could this be a drill?
Damien Jurado: Waking Dawn
    happy phone couple, captured on tape, tape discarded, voyeurs = us
Sphinx: Judas Iscariot
    you can hear the 30 pieces of silver over the disco beat

Television Personalities: Someone To Share My Life With
    Dan Treacy sounds like it's not even a possibility
Moondog: The Message
    simple, polyphonic--he thought humans were just bothersome sometimes
Mississippi Jook Band: Barbecue Bust
    from Harry Smith's Anthology, Vol. 4
Blackalicious: A To G
    wow, they are as good as everyone's been saying
Radian: Sinus 440
    what they clear; what the pitch is
Gilberto Gil: Domingo No Porque
    resolving into the complexity of tropicalia
Chris Butler: Have A Nice Century!
    nice short version of world's second-longest pop song

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