Rhubarb Cake, 5/4/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

re-checking the pockets

this show is archived here--listen!

background: Maschinelle Stratageme

Rachel's/Matmos: The Precise Temperature of Darkness
   epic 18-minute cut-and-stretch, augmented with:
Samuel Beckett: Molloy I + II + III + IV
   routines in an endlessly visible city
Bright Eyes: The Calendar Hung Itself...
   articulating pain he won't feel for years yet

The Smoke: It Could Be Wonderful
   and what exactly were they cured with?
Mount Florida: Roc The Bukowski
   feeding bits of Metallic K.O. into the big machine
Cibo Matto: About A Girl
   some people recognize only the song, some only the band
Antibalas: Si Se Puede
   best ongoing Afrobeat experience in NYC

The Vibrators: Sweet Sweet Heart
   they're actually back together & playing at CB's this week!
Out Hud: 4th of July BBQ
   new and excellent B-side from hard cello dub ensemble
Burnt Friedman & the Nu Dub Players: Hard Drive Dub
   computers are great: feed them theory, feed on praxis
Lemmy "Special" Mabuse: Kwela Blues
   it would simply not occur to many people to put those chords together
American Standards: My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place
   poignant. very poignant.

NYCC: I'll Keep A Light In My Window
   the seedy but strangely glittery side of disco
Dilemma: Pleasure Without Frontiers
   somebody really liked the Talking Heads' rhythm section
Ammer/Einheit: UMP
   a hip flask of Beethoven
Gregory Whitehead: Ostentatio Vulnerum: a dead language lesson
   politely offering words that have no referent
Calypso King & the Soul Investigators: Damper Down Popcorn
   sounds a bit like "I Can't Stand Myself" to me, pal

The Girls: Jeffrey I Hear U
   Boston's very own Pere Ubu
Jurassic 5: Quality Control
   New York's very own Hieroglyphics
The Impressions: Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey)
   bring that groove back, please (metaphorically too)
Ensemble: Proposal 4
   in the future, we will not have bourgeois song titles any more
The Moves: Now Subtract
   they have their own violent utopian ideas too

Stephen Vitiello: Scratchy Marimba Meets The Low Pass Shrew
   LP static: the daxophone of 2000
Grenadine: Srew
   twisted by a (De)fever
Rapid Chant of Authority Changing Hands
   what they do for the beat in San Pedro Chenolho
Bedhead/Macha: You & New Plastic
   a low pass shrew meets a shiny marimba

The Dismemberment Plan live in session, 4/27/00 (engineer: Jesse Cannon)
   Spider In The Snow
   What Do You Want Me To Say?
   The City
   You Are Invited
   The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
   ???/Back That Azz Up

Steeleye Span: General Taylor
   we heard the story and we sang it back just like that
Scala: Fearsome
   we have the facts and we're voting dark purple
Jandek: Comedy
   we made the joke and now only I am pretending to laugh
Jimi Tenor: Wear My Bikini
   we got the beat and it's a polka-dotted illusion

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