Rhubarb Cake, 4/27/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

listen to the distance between us

background: Philip Jeck: Vinyl Coda II

A*Teens: Dancing Queen
   leaps straight up to the hypothalamus and bangs on the pleasure button
Muslimgauze: Zion Under Izlamic Law
   the dub just keeps getting heavier posthumously
Solex/Steward: Chris The Birthday Boy
   second-order glossolalia
Unmen: Trafic
   the dub just keeps getting heavier post-obscurity
Ex-Girl: Souvlaki
   bet they learned the middle bit from Sheila Chandra

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: 2x4's
   one of the glories of the Nuf Sed singles era
George Lewis/Sarah Cahill: Doing The Hicty-Dicty
   trombonist as mighty-left-hand piano composer
Jats: Clip The Wrong Wire...
   what is spy music after the Cold War ends?
Donner Party: The Ghost
   rocking away their demurral

Portastatic: Baby
   enthusiasm won't quite make you Portugese
Mekons: Untitled 1
   if Elvis knew the precise angle to roll over (into dub)
King Tubby: Dark Destroyer Dub
   ravaged, rotted away, partly there, like those Icelandic fish
Amp/3rd Eye Foundation: Shortwave Dub
   only the powerful atomic aura
Sonic Youth: Lightnin'
   mixed by Jim O'Rourke with the power of subtraction

reading: from Anne Mendelson, Stand Facing The Stove

Cocker Spaniels: Land Of A Thousand Smiles
   the new generation of GBV, in an even smaller room
Swell Maps: Big Maz In The Desert
   let's put the N back in "drumns"
Analogy: Analogy
   Italian psychedelia: now with full frontal nudity!
Mika Vainio: Osittain
   like an air-ionization, changing just the vaguest scent
New Bomb Turks: Point A To Point Blank
   rock out with your Ph.D. out
A*Teens: S.O.S.
   every time I press "play" I feel like a trained gerbil

Tindersticks: Here
   a listener wrote to say "hey, who else recorded this song? I know it..."
Elastica: Image Change
   you know, when Wire wrote this song they called it "Used To"
Thug: Thug
   screaming Australians facing the heated wire
The Locust: Spitting In The Face Of Fools As A Source Of Nutrition
   "it's not easy being the Pavement of power-violence" --S. Sanders
Adventures In Stereo: We Will Stand
   the official "Tout Les Garçons Et Les Filles" of the new millennium

Todd Dameron: Anthropology pt. 1
   oh yeah? well I can bebop faster!
Thinking Plague: Possessed (remix)
   oh! oh! what is behind this mirror? oh!
Baka pygmies of Cameroon: The Humming of the Bees
   you only wish there were a pedal for this
100 Flowers: Mop Dub
   reversing their presence of mind
3D's: Baby's On Fire
   as ever, a fine excuse for some guitar soloing

Bob Hund: Istallet for Musik: Forvirrung
   "it's not easy being the Pavement of Sweden"
Swirlies/DJ Spooky: In Harmony Retrograde Transposition
   love that reduced braised 6/8 churn
Chicks On Speed: Mind Your Own Business
   the finest song ever written, I often think
Le Shok: Mind Your Own Business
   if nothing else, it's certainly unbreakable

The Field Mice: Other Galaxies
   some people can make a broken heart epic in all kinds of ways

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