Rhubarb Cake, 4/13/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

dignity and supersport

background: Candido: Thousand Finger Man

reading: Jim Carroll: "The Cosmpolitan Sense"

Beat Happening: Godsend
   many things that go on for ten minutes are good, and this is one of them
Spinanes: Hawaiian Baby
   7 years later I have no idea what she means, but it's gorgeous
Joe Hicks: Life & Death In G & A
   crackly, brittle ca.-'70 Sly Stone production
Beck/Cornelius: Mixed Bizness (remix)
   C. blithely dispenses with B.'s entire architecture
Optiganally Yours: Gepetto
   in the belly of the beast but the beast is made of plastic

Chicks On Speed: Glamour Girl
   disco used as a thin latex mask
Raymond Scott: Night & Day
   Cole Porter used as a pair of thin rubber mechanic's gloves
Supercaba: Finpantima
   somewhere sometime a whole lot of people danced
Peglegasus: Black Balloon
   running on a little too much juice, fortunately
Hazel: Blank Florida
   whatever happened to that weird dancing-around guy?

Sheriff Lindo & The Hammer: ! (Dub)
   quoth Jesse: "That's not like the name of a band that would do this"
Plagal Grind: Blackout
   nothing to do but force back the falling curtain with noise
Funkstörung: Think!
   glitch central meets diva division
In/Humanity: The Execution Of Clive
   singer sounds like he's being eaten alive by his own rage

Great Lakes: A Little Touched
   boy do we like the Apples In Stereo
The Apples In Stereo: The Rainbow
   boy do we wish .38 Special had been produced by Brian Wilson
Milk Cult: Paté Pipe Bomb
   theory beats praxis every time out
Archie Shepp: Rufus
   subtitle: "(Swung, his face at last to the wind, then his neck snapped)"
Slovenly: Even So
   singer's voice actually got more pungent with time

This Heat: Health & Efficiency
   when they hit that "lock groove," get ready to BOUNCE!
Echoboy: Constantine
   is there a "Constantinople Dub" by Prince Far-I?
Trembling Blue Stars: To Leave It Now
   in which they quit mooning around and rock a little
Flashpapr: Spanish Bombs
   possibly the most earnest slow band I've ever seen
Scrawl: Slut
   where did I put that gratification anyway?
Slim Harpo: Wonderin' And Worryin'
   by request of Quickspace

Quickspace live on the air (special thanks to engineer Jesse Cannon):
   Mid Cow Night Boy
   They Shoot Horse Don't They

The Ink Spots: Do I Worry
   by request of Quickspace (I only knew Scotty's cover)

more live Quickspace:
   The Flat Moon Society
   Climbing A Hill
   Goodbye Precious Mountain
   Happy Song #1
   Happy Song #2

The Remains: Overdose
   by request of Quickspace, I thought (but they meant Barry & the Remains)
St. Etienne: Heart Failed
   they can leave the light on whenever they want
Baby Gramps: Go Wash An Elephant
   there'll always be an England, especially in the Northeastern U.S.
Hypno De Pop: A Sort Of Chinese Food
   ...and that's the only part that really matters, yes?

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