Rhubarb Cake, 3/30/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

glassy windows

background: Apestaartje compilation

Stevie Wonder: Village Ghetto Land
   like late-period Aphex, except not, actually, at all
Dean Roberts: The Fake & Detached/Cindy Tells Me/Welcome Home, Little Birds
   three-part static-and-guitar-and-voice suite w/ a taste of Eno

interpolating a reading: Antler: Follow Orders

Pentangle: When I Was In My Prime
   straight acappella folk regret
The Mekons: Orpheus
   they've been losing their heads for 23 years now

Fastbacks: Everything I Don't Need
   playing at Maxwell's this weekend, I'm psyched
Mary Timony: Valley of One Thousand Perfumes
   Helium leader wanders through a frame into her own fantasies
Eyesinweasel: Seven And Nine
   Tobin Sprout's new band discovers constrictions on lead guitar
Buzzcocks: Lester Sands (Drop In The Ocean)
   got tons of calls--from their amazing early demos on Time's Up
Grace Jones: She's Lost Control
   and she sounds like she thinks she got what she deserved

Quickspace: The Munchers
   something is crouching down, ready to spring and eat
Anthony More: Ready Ready
   from Slapp Happy guy's beautiful solo record Flying Doesn't Help
Martin Phillips: No More Tigers
   solo demo built from the drum machine up, healthier than he thinks
Don Air: Desert Dancer
   not quite collage, not quite dub, more like sticky tape

Lee Moses: Bad Girl, pts. 1 & 2
   he sounds genuinely broken up about her badness
Leakey: Business Robot (excerpts)
   of the home-electronics school, except they pluck strings too
Paska: Sunday Bloody Sunday
   classic rock's resident a cappella screaming gadfly figure
English Subtitles: Cars On Fire
   singing about something so horrible that they're distracting themselves
Tony Allen: Asiko
   you can hear the phantom composed parts intimated by his drums

Slits: New Town
   pulled up by dub as if by the scruff of its neck
Maytones: Brown Girl
   lovely little folk tune goes reggae hit
Holly Golightly: Use Me
   bringing out different subtext than Grace Jones from the same song
Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty: Being Blind
   someday someone will bring out all of her subtexts too

Gogogoairheart: 20 Darts
   the Pop Group of San Diego, people
Peep: Austin
   tuba-and-cello-led raucousness
3 Leg Torso: The Awakened Somnambulist
   further raucousness, minus tuba plus accordion
The Pastels: Leaving This Island (string version)
   the strings drift it out on their own
The Double U: Ephemeral Epaulet
   slurry but not at all unhappy

New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars, live in session at WFMU
[thanks to engineer Jesse Cannon; I'd list the titles of the tunes they
played here, except that the band themselves weren't too sure of them. "I
think that first one was some... Jewish tune..."]

Dynomite D: Stick 'Em
   one maniacal little sample makes the whole song
Ruins: Blue Rondo A La Turk
   exploding-note theory applied to Dave Brubeck
Hecker/Gescom: ITIS0161/AE
   exploding-floppy-disc theory applied to a magnetic surface
2 Foot Flame: Peacock Coal
   strikes me as a little miracle that they made two records

Sonny Sharrock: Black Woman
   it's really Linda's show, yelling her head off with joy

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