Rhubarb Cake, 2/17/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

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we were kings

background: Toshiya Tsunoda: Extract from Field Recording #2

reading: Wole Soyinka reading his own "Muhammad Ali at the Ringside, 1985"

The 3Ds: Sing-song
   turning around to execute the twiddly bits
Sloan: G Turns To D
   for the sheer joy of the chord changes
Longstocking: Radio Agony
   for the sheer pain of not getting what you want to hear
The Wandering Stars: Nobody's Humming Your Songs, Papa
   for the sheer pain, period

Emperor Penguin: E.D.G.A.R.
   like weaving biscuits out of shredded wheat; how do they do it?
DeFord Bailey: Fox Chase
   classic Grand Ole Opry harmonica solo
Area Code 615: Stone Fox Chase
   ...modified into post-disco bump...
Royal House: The Chase
   ...and edited on a freestyle chopping table
Jailhouse With Strings: These Foolish Strings
   knotted together from what's on the sawing room floor
Doc & Merle Watson: Let The Cocaine Be
   I said "freestyle," not... oh, never mind

The Waterdaughters: John Ball
   as in the Watersons, just not the boys
Joya Landis: Moonlight Lover
   crooning into a Jamaican microphone for a near-karaoke lark
Mount Florida: Lost In Satie
   the familiar strains of "Gnossiennes #1"
World/Inferno Friendship Society: Our Candidate
   the familiar strains of the Satanic ballot box

Marc Riley and the Creepers: Going Rate
   a song about not being offered what you deserve
Lester Young: Riffin' Without Helen
   composer credit to "improvisation"
Orchester 33 1/3: Maschine Brennt
   composer credit should've just been a serial number
Costes & Noel Akchoté: La Mort Éternelle
   it's like old times to hear this insane Frenchman shrieking
Porter Ricks: Nautical Dub
   the same deep water as you

Hopewell: Anthema
   heavy gospel floats as if by accident onto a wave of garage drone
Hrvatski: On
   shreds in both the manual and clattery-mechanical senses
Kletka Red: Pardon, Grand Merci
   art-punk rembetika, featuring Andy of the Ex

Bad Livers: Fist Magnet
   I used to be bluegrass, now I have a drum machine
Otis Williams & the Midnight Cowboys: How I Got To Memphis
   been spending a lot of metaphorical time in Memphis myself lately
Yoshié: Mar Lagoa
   excellent Japanese horn-and-voice-and-no-percussion samba
Steve Reid & the Master Brotherhood: Lions of Judah
   honk, master brothers, honk

Shizuka: Planning For Loneliness
   howling very slowly, as if burning a dress
Arnold Dreyblatt and the Orchestra of Excited Strings: Side Band
   sympathy for the other burning ringing strings ringing ringing
Mouse On Mars: Yippie
   covering their tracks with a slurry of digital leaves
The Who: The Seeker
   the more casual they were in 1970, the hotter they sounded
Barbara Manning and the Go-Luckys: Old Woman
   yes, and what are our plans for the future?

Mary Hopkin: Goodbye
   nicely asymmetrical tune that Paul McCartney wrote for her
Rabbits Wedding: Rideout
   from the Cannanes' 2nd single: "Rabbits Wedding--they don't care!"
The Fisticuffs Bluff: What Is Thy Bidding, Master?
   go thou and emo all over everyone, shrilly
Adam Green: Bartholomew
   18-year-old NYer with a goofily modified soul-ballad thingie
The Apples In Stereo: Everybody Let Up
   they started where he did, home-recording-wise

Workshop: I Wish I Had You
   German; flicks like a finger on a hot pan rim
Electric Birds: Finger & Stroke
   ...and flickers like an electrical strobe
Atau: Arteries of Tokyo
   the sound of the actual tunnel whoosh
Killdozer: When The Levee Breaks
   taken at 2/3 speed and dedicated to Paula Puhak

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