Rhubarb Cake, 2/10/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

she shoooots meee da-hown

background: Simon Wickham-Smith: Objects Appearing

reading: Paul Blackburn reading his own "Is Any Coherence Worth The

Pascal Comelade/Richard Pinhas: Saint-Augustin tombant vers le haut
   quoth Stork: "when's he gonna grow up and play real instruments?"
Primal Scream: Accelerator
   the return of Kevin Shields to active speaker-shredding duty!
The Dead C.: Helen Said This
   a surf band, pickled in salty ice for a thousand years
Lyle Lovett: That's Right (You're Not From Texas)
   the anti-Dead C., sending a secret message

Antietam: Eaten Up By Hate
   see title of show
Hrvatski: 2nd Zero
   eats Alec Empire for a snack and wipes the dust off his hands
Sara Goes Pop: Lu-Lu On The Rocks
   clippity-clatter from Homosexuals side project
Wayne Butane: Dead Monkey Arcade
   there may be better collagers, but none funnier right now
Big Bill Broonzy: Digging My Potatoes
   bet you thought it was going to erupt into silliness

Internal/External: Hope
   why does Lois Maffeo sound best on other people's records?
Microphones: Window 16
   Olympian, in the small sense, close harmony
Ikue Mori: Monkey Music Moon
   scrabbling at the sill
Bob Hund: Ett fall & en lösung
   "Final Solution" in Swedish, no kidding
The Cure: Pornography
   facing down death armed with a bucket of tainted psychoactive drugs
The Clientele: Lace Wings
   well, it looked like they were going to be on next week's show

Elliott Smith: Easy Way Out
   from forthcoming album, instantly memorable halfway through the chorus
Lambchop: The Book I Haven't Read
   from covering Curtis Mayfield to freely adapting his songs
Joe Tex: Buying A Book
   the old soulsters, they knew about these intergenerational things
Jackie-O M.F.: Go Down, Old Hannah
   the old songs speak even to young weirdos
Broadcast: Unchanging Window
   stasis is their subject, habit and reference point

The Contortions: Dish It Out
   to celebrate the CD release of the magnificent No New York
Okay Temiz: Ocean Roller
   stick him in a room with a lot of percussion, this is what happened
Public Works: Stress
   somebody must unseal the pressure cooker
Baby Huey & the Babysitters: Listen To Me
   by request--C. Mayfield-produced, and excellent
Puffy: Nagisa Ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera (Disco Mix)
   not Combs, but two Japanese women with some famous friends

Fela: Lady
   I have become full-on obsessed with him. A midtempo one...
Fela: Alu Jon Jonki Jon
   ...and a fast one

The Moth Wranglers: Turnabout
   the long-awaited Magnetic Fields/C.V. Beethoven hybrid
Thirteenth Floor Elevators: Levitation
   also by request, the Julian Cope standard (heh)
Communicators & Black Experience Band: The Road
   massive late-'60s funk instrumental
Furniture Huschle: Selling My Nipples To Science
   WCKR SPGT guy has the weirdest fears
Chumbawamba: Tony Blair
   fan-club only doo-wop single about the betrayal of the English Left
The Kingsbury Manx: Hawaii In Ten Seconds
   following up on Chumba's deceptive purr, a less deceptive one

Black Tambourine: Throw Aggi Off The Bridge
   Pastels fangirl's homicidal plea
Laurel Aitken: Bossa Nova Hop
   proto-ska, and not actually bossa nova at all
E-Rox: Wrapping Up
   amazing how Powerbooks can imitate the sound of Saran Wrap
The Fall: Louie Louie
   the most chaotic version of this song ever, which is saying something

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