Rhubarb Cake, 2/3/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

happy birthday, Gertrude

background: Walter Fandrich: Raume Spaze Espaces Spaces

reading: Gertrude Stein, excerpt from The Making of Americans
   she would've been 126 today!

Gem: I Am A Tree
   ringed and splintery original version, pre-GBVization
Sweet Potato Pie: Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready?)
   disco stripped down to the beat the beat the beat and nothing else
Corporal Blossom: Wombat Science
   curious small-time plunder-throb

Console: 14 Zero Zero
   teaaoootally neüüü wave
Ihan: Sans Titre A7
   the music that computers really listen to to amuse themselves
Vladislav Delay: Notke (excerpt)
   ...and the variation on it they think humans like
Siamese Temple Ball: 1
   the sounds organic beings make to please the computers in the sky
Led Zeppelin: The Ocean
   and the ones in the same key they make to amuse themselves

Harry Mosco: I Feel Funky
   you are what you feel, fella
Scritti Politti: Smith 'n' Slappy
   actually a Mos Def record with Green on the choruses & rock guitar
Alex Chilton: Take It Off
   not that he can do anything about it, it sounds like
The Brilliant Corners: Black Water
   we're English and we're on drugs
Princess Tinymeat: Angels In Pain (12" version)
   we're English and we're on serious drugs

Justus Begly: The Golden Willow Tree
   very serious old guy reaching back with unarthritic fingers
Hrvatski: Short With Guitar
   those fingers are still moving when they punch into the computer
Fenn O'Berg: Fenn O'Berg Theme
   but you don't really need strings to have "strings" of any kind
Kath Bloom/Loren Mazzacane Connors: When I Feel You Coming
   though there are welcome limits to even Turing devices

Bob Hund: Dusseldorf
   Pavement ist rad!
General Strike: My Other Body
   superior remake of a single called "My Body," no kidding
Quintron: Rockin' Cha
   b'lieve I'll blow my stack
Maryann Farra & Satin Soul: Stoned Out Of My Mind
   but still navigating the slalom-course of disco-funk

Modest Mouse: Sleepwalkin'
   lyrical issues #1: making up emo words to a Santo & Johnny instrumental
Tear Jerks: I Look Into Your Eyes, You Look Into My Eyes
   lyrical issues #2: that's all there is to it
Suzi Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man
   lyrical issues #3: unlike Shonen Knife, changes no words at all

Mark Eitzel recorded in session (engineer: Jerry Fabris)
   It's Stupid, Don't You Agree?
   Without You
   Mr. Thomas
   Can You See
   Steve, I Always Knew You Wanted Me
   Lonely, Lonely Men Flock To Jesus

Happy Apple: The Barstow Sizzler
   there are not even words
Velocity Girl: Always
   "remember, the person handing you your double latte..."
Steven R. Smith: Death of A Disco Dancer
   entitled to do a foggy instrumental interpretation via his name
Crawling With Tarts: Bee Opera (excerpt)
   even foggier! now with more instrumentality!
San Lucas Band: Noches Eternas
   sour and blasting
Amon Düül II: Race From Here To Your Ears
   they could rock for short distances when they felt like it

The Who: Just You And Me, Darling
   maximum rhythm and blues--a swell JB cover from the new BBC disc

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