Rhubarb Cake, 1/27/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

I got r-r-rhythm

background: This Is Nemocore: This Is Nemocore

Antibales: Uprising, pt. 1
   perfectly convincing Afro-funk from Jersey

reading: from Adam Gopnik

Destroyer: Thief
   Canada's own John Darnielle goes electric!
The Coasters: Along Came Jones
   preternaturally catchy Walter Mitty fantasy about television
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: 2 Kindsa Love (Duck Rock 103.9 Remix)
   the breakbeat of this base track is the blurry bit
Sleezy D: I've Lost Control
   you just turn the thing on, dribble acid on it and it plays the song
The User: Symphony #1 for Dot Matrix Printers (excerpt)
   exactly, I mean, exactly what it says it is
Jah Wobble: Waxing Moon
   makes up for The User's trebliness in a big way

Turner Brothers: Running In The Rain
   everybody wanted to be Sly Stone--they thought
Sapera: Theka Talin
   snake charmers from North India!
Diana Rogerson/Nurse With Wound: Dead Roads
   everybody wants to be Sly Stone--they think
Ambrosia: Nice, Nice, Very Nice
   whoops, what I actually meant to play was
Lifter Puller: Nice, Nice
   the new Nathan Detroits! kinda

I Am Spoonbender: Where Do Words Go?
   ultra-snazzy re-think of Berlin's "The Metro"
Mr. Oizo: Flat Beat
   ultra-furry European dance hit, soon to invade these shores
Tom Rapp: Shoebox Symphony (edit)
   unreconstructed hippie humanist meets his long-lost pal Bevis
Pearls Before Swine: Space
   newly discovered 32-year-old tape, direct and affecting
Kath Bloom/Loren Mazzacane Connors: My Stupid Little Heart
   even more so--like a photograph so painful it's been hidden

Androids Of Mu: Atomic X
   probably liked the Raincoats but thought they weren't abrasive enough
Crabstick: The Powerful
   "my friends say I'm slovenly, I am invisible"--greatest lyric ever
Bertrand Burgalat: Glucide
   sequin-glittery instrumental tucked away on an April March 10"
Owada: Start Middle End
   just what it says, in 30 seconds
Jerry Lewis & Lee Perry: Burning Wire
   no, not that Jerry Lewis, just a soundalike; yes, that Lee Perry

Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard: Do Something Real
   if only GBV's latest one were this awesome
London Underground: Learn A Language
   the first On--USound single, from the Slits' orbit (kinda)
The Proletariat: Events/Repeat
   Boston's own high-speed Gang of 4, by (wise) request
Carla Thomas: Yes, I'm Ready
   best song ever written about l-u-v by a 17-year-old
The Muffs: Pacer
   years later, I have no idea what this song is about

Alvin Lucier: I Am Sitting In A Room
   most listener-responded-to track I've ever played

Marumari: Ten 7x-a
   taking that blur and whacking it into shape
Anthony Moore: Today's Psaltery
   taking that shape and stringing it out again
Pan•American: Code
   I can see why Björk thinks he's a genius

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