Rhubarb Cake, 1/13/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

Perplexed by toys

background music: Stilluppsteypa: Interferences Are Often Requested

Orchester des jüdisches Theatres Lemberg: Ouverture Die Drei Matunes
   some of the the earliest and deepest recorded klezmer
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Capricorn
   from a music box pulled from the innards of a hanged bird-man effigy
Pascale Comelade: I Surrender
   another music box, predicting the arrival of our special guests

Kid-606/Hrvatski: Catstep/My Kitten/Catnap--Vatstep DSP Remix
   more of a friendly attack--rowrr!--and deliriously fun Mac ragga
Tied & Tickled Trio: Mutant
   the beat doesn't stop even after the horns locate the party
Takako Minekawa: Plash
   there are squirmy things inside metal-and-silicon toys
Monk Montgomery: Fuselage, pt. 1
   sitting in the back, roaring his bass like an afterburner
I Am Spoonbender: Replaced By Toys
   defining old Can records as "toys" and then winding them up

Bob Log III: Booby Trap #2
   ex-Doo Rag guy becomes Gary Glitter, but with more "mature" tastes
Josh White: Silicosis Is Killin' Me
   the bitterest of just-post-crash bluesguys
Don Varner: He Kept On Talkin'
   he's got his own reason to be bitter and his pal doesn't even know
The Handsome Family: Lie Down
   doesn't realize he wants to die until the river tips him off
Suicide: Cheree (remix)
   doesn't realize he wants to live until the remix tips him off

Tobin Sprout: I Didn't Know
   ex-GBV guy has great, rough-hewn pop demos? WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT?!
The Verlaines: Pyromaniac
   Graeme Downes knows the secret chords of Mahler
Tortoise: Gamera
   their most sustained piece, and least blanched

reading: a very odd personal ad

Skull Kontrol: In A Different Cage
   terminator skull speaks with his hands
"DJ" Pantshead: 4
   L.L. Cool J looks good with pants on his head too!
King Onyina: Da Bi Na Wabehia
   sprinkling sixteenth notes like oregano
The Vaselines: No Hope
   sometimes all you need is a good wallow

Tenores di Bitti: Sa ballarina
Pole: Spaß
Michael Moore: Gulls
Sükru Tunar: Huzzam Taksim
Jandek: Naked In The Afternoon
Areski/Brigitte Fontaine: Il Pleut Sur La Gare
Machines For Making Sense: AS x 3
Mark Applebaum: Tlön Remix
Joe Armstrong & Group: Pay Me
   one big semi-overlapping mix, like a bunch of people who go to a
   restaurant alone and have to sit together at a single large table and end
   up striking up some friendships but only with the people sitting next to
   them because they can't hear beyond that, but that's something anyway,
   friendships are not to be underrated

Suicide recorded live in session (engineer: Jerry Fabris)
   White Man
   More More More
   Ghost Rider
   Dream Baby Dream
   Juke Box Baby
   Scream Visions
   Money Money Money
   City Of Lights

The Rapture: Olin
   they probably used to like 7 Seconds, now they like 17 Seconds
The Masked Marauders: More Or Less Hudson's Bay Again
   goofy fake Dylan, a joke that somebody decided to make reality
Rebecca Moore: The Thaw
   you're right, Irwin, this is excellent, thanks for the tip
Robert Filliou: Imitating The Sound Of The Birds
   why would Fluxus announce anything other than the truth?

Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage Ensemble: Unity
   violin drone + Afro-percussion = 8 minutes of wow

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