Rhubarb Cake, 1/6/00, 9 AM-noon on WFMU

hosted by Douglas

Turn the lamps on

background music: Tony Conrad: Early Minimalism April 1965

reading: Bruce Sterling: The Manifesto of January 3, 2000

Camille Yarbrough: Take Yo' Praise
   stars in her eyes, Fatboy Slim's future in her destiny
I Am Spoonbender: Stopwatch Static
   electric Can opener
Elvis Costello and Bill Frisell: Deep Dead Blue
   he sings best when he's got great musicians to kick his ass
Sideshow: The Circus Band
   vivid setting of a Charles Ives song from this awesome NYC band

Ultra Vivid Scene: H Like In Heaven
   fortunately I can't hear the words beneath that snare hook
The Story Of Personal Electronics: *
   small appliances decide to start a techno project
Xerobot: Send In The Elephants
   burning toast decides to start a no wave band
Thomas Jerome Newton: Warengine
   great hulking pie-filling clump of an electronic groove
Rhys Chatham: Supple Shape
   he seems to be very into electric trumpet these days

Chris Connor: The Night We Called It A Day
   without a hint of regretful lounge bathos
Big Mess Orchestra: Give It Away
   swingin' RHCP cover, more or less salvages the song
Trumans Water: 665
   the unified stomp of an entire pregnant aerobics class
Smohila and the S.B.'s: African Movement
   once you've hit that pattering polyrhythm, why stop?

Birdie: Laugh
   somebody really loves Dusty Springfield, but don't we all?
Kyaw Kyaw Naing: Shwe Ka Nyar
   Burmese percussion, caught up in its own loops
Francois Houle & Catriona Strang: Rev
   a quick, corrective dose of anti-sensical voice
Prince and the Revolution: New Position
   and then this sparkling palate-cleanser
Push Button Action Man: Destroy 1999 Years Of Culture
   Prince reworked as digital hardcore, surprisingly naturally

Tim Buckley: Danang
   a chord progression so good I ripped it off
Gerry Miles: VI
   pure atmosphere, but too dense to be "atmospheric"
Black Merda: Cynthy-Ruth
   the gristle left behind by the Family Stone
Zubi Zuva: Europe
   their proposals for new national anthems? dizzy!
The Primitives: Stop Killing Me
   dizzier! perky as hate songs ever get
Moonshake: Coward
   not dizzy, just collapsing like a sucking wound

Ground-Zero: Multi Gravity-2
   a rocket engine directing its descent
Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs: A Song for the Spanish Anarchists
   like the Italian caveside society that time-travels
Nyabingi chanters: Got To Move
   religious rite via reggae via religious rite
Will Powers: Adventures In Success
   Lynn Goldsmith had an alter ego doing sly boogie self-help

Bill Coday: When You Find A Fool Bump His Head
   not unhappy himself, he's just got this friend, see
Gaji: Hatchet Jagg
   franchising the squats of Amsterdam all over the world
Twisted Science: Demenex
   just a little textural segue
Überhund: Fun & Funny
   somebody really loves his whammy bar, but don't we all?
Cordelia's Dad: Young Woman/Idumea
   destructo-power-fuzz as American traditional music

Moby Grape: Seeing
   Skip Spence howling and clawing at the hazy veil he put there
Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Freaks For The Festival
   three-dimensional jazz funk from the three-horned Gabriel

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