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Guests from January 1999

Steven Weinberg
Winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics for the electroweak theory (integration of electomagnetic and weak nuclear forces); University of Texas (Austin) holder of the Josey Chair of Science and Director of the Theory Group, Dept. of Physics; author of "Dreams of a Final Theory", "The First Three Minutes", and others.
Nicolas Cozzarelli
University of California, Berkeley Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Editor of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .
Herbert Simon
Human learning and problem-sloving theorist; one of the fathers of Artificial Intelligence; winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his thoery of bounded rationality; author of "Models of My Life", Administrative Behavior", and others.
John Maddox
Editor Emeritus of Nature and author of "What Remains to be Discovered".
Burton Richter
Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; winner of Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the psi particle, former APS President
Paul Ekman
Professor of Psychology in Dept of Psychiatry, UCSF Medical School, and Director of the Human Interaction Laboratory; expert on evolution of facial expressions.
Steven Hyman
Director of the National Institute of Mental Health
Alan Leshner
Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse
Donald Kerr
Assistant Director, L of the FBI (Laboratory Division) and former Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory

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