The Green Room

Mondays 6PM - 8PM, with Dorian

Guests from June, 1998

David Sloan Wilson
SUNY Binghamton Professor of Biology; author of "Unto Others: The Evolution and Psychology of Unselfish Behavior".
William Calvin
University of Washington theoretical neurophysioogist and author of "The Cerebral Code:Thinking a Thought in the Mosaics of the Mind", "How Brains Think", and others.
Clifford Pickover
Research Staff Member at IBM TJ Watson Research Center; author of "Strange Brains and Genius", "Time:A Traveller's Guide", "The Alien IQ Test", and more.
Richard Dooling
lawyer and author,most recently of the novel "Brain Storm".
David Helfand
Columbia U. Professor of Astronomy; one of the architects of the FIRST (Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty Centimeters) Survey at the Very Large Array.
Lee Silver
Princeton U. Molecular biologist stuying the genetic input into behavior and personality and the evolution of developmental complexity; author of "Remaking Eden: Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New World".
Nicolas Humphrey
New School for Social Research Professor of Psychology and author of "A History of the Mind", "Leaps of Faith:Science, Miracles, and the Search for Supernatural Consolation", and others.
Paul Ekman
Professor of Psychology in Dept. of Psychiatry iat the UCSF Medical School; author of "Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage", and, most recently, Editor of the new edition of Darwin's "The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals".
John Dowling
cellular neurobiologist and Maria Moors Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences at Harvard U.; author of "The Retina:An Approachable Part of the Brain" and (upcoming) "Creating Mind: An Introduction to the Brain".

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