The Green Room

Mondays 6PM - 8PM, with Dorian

A big list of guests on before April 1997

David Cronenberg
film director "Dead Ringers", "Crash", others; ectors/Cronenberg_David/
Andre Dubus
author,esp. short stories; books "Dancing After Hours", others;
Horace Freeland Judson
Catherine Wagner
Arno Penzias
Jeremy Bernstein
Molly Haskell
Oliver Sacks
Eric Bogosian
Laura Kipnis
Stanley Fish
Steven Shapin
Peter Landesman
Arthur Caplan
Jesse Sheidlower
John Hartung
John Casti
Leon Lederman
Lawrence Weschler
David Wilson
Martin Harwit
Francine Prose
Bruce Adolph
Steven Braun
Scott Alexander/Larry Karazewski
James Ellroy
David Stork
Murray Lerner
Noam Chomsky
Eddie Muller author "Grindhouse"
Murray Lerner director of "Message to Love" & others
Gordon Lish author of "Epigraph" & others; former Esquire editor
Harold Bloom legendary literary critic & author
Karen Finley performance artist
Edward Bunker author "Dog Eat Dog" & others
Harvey Pekar lovably irascible comic book creator ("American Splendor")
Doug Pray / Steve Harvey prod./director of "Hype"
Henry Petroski engineer; author of "Evolution by Design", "The Pencil" & others
Andrew Vachss lawyer; children's legal advocate; author of "False Allegations" & others
Ken Hamblin author; talk show host
Jonathan Harr author of "A Civil Action"
George Johnson science writer for NY Times; author of "Fire in the Mind" & others
Ken Burns creator of PBS series "Baseball", "The Civil War" & others
Joe Nickell senior research fellow Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)
Christopher Hampton director "The Secret Agent"
Marco Ferrari legendary Italian B movie director
Walter Bernstein blacklisted screenwriter; author of screenplay "The Front"
Frank Tipler cosmologist; author "The Physics of Immortality"
William R. Maples forensic anthropologist; author of "Dead Men Do Tell Tales"
Roderick Anscombe author; psychiatrist for criminally insane
Neil Sloane mathemetician; author "Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences"
Richard Dawkins evolutionary biologist; author "Climbing Mount Improbable", "The Selfish Gene", & others
Sam Kashner / Nancy Schoenberger authors "Hollywood Kryptonite"
Don Rickles actor/funnyman
Jim Carroll musician; author "The Basketball Diaries" & others
William H. Calvin theoretical neurophysiologist; author of "The Cerebral Code", "How Brains Think" & more
Keith Gordon director "Mother Night"
Sheryl Lee actress "Mother Night", "Twin Peaks", others
Lenny Kaye musician; songwriter
Tobias Wolff author "This Boy's Life", others
Jay Martel comedy writer; playwright
BB King guitarist
Edward Rothstein NY Times cultural-critic-at-large; author "Emblems of Mind"
Elaine Steinbeck executor of John Steinbeck estate
Joe Williams jazz singer
David Denby New York magazine film critic; author of "Great Books"
Mike Leigh director of "Secrets & Lies", "Career Girls" & others
Joan Didion author of "The Last Thing He Wanted" & others
Ben Katchor creator of "Julius Knipfl, Real Estate Photographer"
John A. Williams author of "The Angry Ones" & others
Christopher Farley Time magazine columnist; author of "My Favorite War"
Joyce Carol Oates author of "First Love: A Gothic Tale", "Zombie" & others
Stephen Jay Gould paleontologist; author of "Full House" & others
Vin Scelsa radio program host & WFMU alumnus!
Candace Bushnell NY Observer columnist; author "Sex and the City"
Mike Wilkins author of "Sex & Zen & a Bullet in the Head"; "Roadside America" co-author
Ken Smith author of "Ken's Guide to the Bible"; "Roadside America" co-author
Shawn Levy author "King of Comedy" (Jerry Lewis bio)
Johnny Legeng B movie impresario
Lech Kowalski director of "DOA" (Sex pistols movie)
John Platt film historian; author
Derek Humphry founder of Hemlock Society; author "Final Exit"
Legs McNeil / Gillian McCann authors "Please Kill Me"
Stan Freberg radio funnyman
John Horgan sr writer Scientific American; author "The End of Science"
Tim Page Pulitzer prize winning music critic at Washington PostDawn Powell expert
Frankie Avalon singer; teen idol
Daniel Schacter prof psychology Harvard U; author "Searching for Memory"
Art Clokey "Gumby" creator
David Hajdu author "Lush Life" (Billy Strayhorn bio)
Arnold Stang actor; cartoon voice-over artist; Top Cat
Dennis Covington author "Salvation on Sand Mountain"
Bill Mumy actor (Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, more); producer "Spaceballs"; Will Robinson
Daniel Dennett director of Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts U author "Kinds of Minds","Darwin's Dangerous Idea" & others
Dennis Nurkse Poet Laureate of Brooklyn
Erik Drooker artist
Alan King comedian
Mary Karr author "The Liar's Club"
Paul Krassner "realist"; humorist; author
Leonard Lopate host of WNYC's "New York & Company"
Gillies MacKinnon director "Small Faces"
Jack Hill B movie director
Katherine Dunn author "Death Scenes"
David Thomson film critic
Dick Hyman jazz pianist
James Ridgeway Village Voice writer; author "Red Light", "Blood in the Face"
Susan Walsh co-author "Red Light"
Richard Price author/screenwriter "Clockers" & others
George Plimpton Paris review founder; author
Todd Solondz director "Welcome to the Dollhouse"
Susan Minot author/screenwriter
Bernardo Bertolucci director "The Last Emporer", "Stealing Beauty" & others
Tom DeHaven author "Derby Dugan's Depression Funnies" & others
Carl Perkins guitarist; Elvis shopping buddy
Kevin Lally author "Wilder Times: The Life of Billy Wilder"
Debbie Harry singer; actress
Jim Mangold director "Heavy", "Copland"
Kim Deitch comic artist
Jim Fallows US News & World Report editor; author "Breaking the News";
Peter Arnett newscaster; journalist; author

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