The Green Room

Mondays 6PM - 8PM, with Dorian

Guests from August 1997

Lynn Margulis
( 8-1-97)
biologist; author of "Slanted Truths" & others; member NAS
Terence Deacon
( 8-1-97)
researcher in neuroscience & evolutionary anthroplogy, linguistics; book "The Symbolic Species"
David Deutsch
( 8-25-97)
member of Quantum Computation and Cryptography Research Group, author of "The Fabric of Reality";
Steve Holtzman
( 8-25-97)
President/CEO of Perspecta; internet software & computer music expert; author "Digital Mosaics"
Howard Gardner
( 8-18-97)
prof. of education & co-director of Project Zero at Harvard U.,adjunct prof. of neurology at Boston U., author of over 15 books, including "Extraordinary Minds"
Lee Smolin
( 8-15-97)
theoretical physicist, prof. of physics at Penn. State U.; author of "The Life of the Cosmos";
H. Allen Orr
( 8-11-97)
biologist specializing in speciation;prof, of bio. at Rochester;
Jared Diamond
( 8-11-97 &
prof. of physiology UCLA Med Sch; author of "Guns,Germs & Steel", "Why is Sex Fun", & others; member NAS
David Voss
( 8-4-97)
Sr. editor of SCIENCE (journal), editor of the "Tech.sight" portion of SCIENCE;
Richard Smalley
( 8-4-97)
prof. chemistry & physics, Rice University; 1996 Nobel Prize-Chemistry; 1996 Rice U. Homecoming Queen;Dir of Rice Ctr for Nanoscale Science & Technology;
Bruce McCall
( 8-4-97)
artist/writer for Nat'l Lampoon (when it was great), New Yorker, others; author "Thin Ice" & others

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