The Green Room

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Guests from Jul 1997

Robert Pinsky
( 7-28-97)
current US Poet Laureate; author of numerous books of poetry including "The Figured Wheel" as well as translations of Dante; poetry editor of Slate (on-line magazine)
Douglas Hofstadter
( 7-28-97)
prof. of cognitive science at Indiana U. (encompassing Comparative Lit, Computer Sci, Psych, & Philosophy)director of Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition; author of "Godel, Escher, Bach" , "Le Ton Beau de Marot", & others
C. Claiborne Ray
( 7-28-97)
editor of the "Q&A" column of the Science Times (NY Times); author of " The New York Times Book of Science Questions & Answers";
Alan Guth
( 7-21-97)
theoretical physicist; prof of physics MIT; author of "the Inflationary Universe;
Ian Frazier
( 7-21-97 &
humorist/columnist (Atlantic Monthly); author of "Coyote V Acme", "Great Plains" & others
Bert Stern
( 7-21-97)
photographer; director of film "Jazz on a Summer's Day"
Frank Sulloway
( 7-14-97)
research scholar at MIT Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Science; author of "Born to Rebel"
Timothy Ferris
( 7-14-97)
emeritus prof. at UC Berkeley; author & narrator of "The Creation of the Universe" (documentary); author of "The Whole Shebang","Coming of Age in the Milky Way" & others
Matt Hall
( 7-14-97)
author of "The Art of Breaking Glass" & former writer on "Dark Shadows"
Edward Teller
( 7-7-97)
physicist; Director Emeritus of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; hydrogen bomb designer; author;
Tim Callahan
( 7-7-97)
author "Bible Prophesy - Failure or Fulfillment?"
Richard Dooling
( 6-30-97)
lawyer; author "Blue Streak"
Ron Graham
( 6-30-97)
mathemetician; juggler; Chief Scientist at AT&T Labs;
Richard Ford
( 7-30-97 &
Pulitzer Prize -winning author of "Independence Day", Women With Men", and others
Rob Pike
( 7-23-97)
computer scientist at Bell Labs; creator of windows system for Unix; prankster
Vincent Bugliosi
( 7-23-97 &
former Astt DA in LA; Manson nemesis; author of "Helter Skelter", Outrage", & others
Victor Niederhoffer
( 7-23-97)
investor; Chairman of Niederhoffer & Niederhoffer, Inc; author of "The Education of a Speculator"
John McPhee
( 7-16-97)
author of 24 books including "Assembling California", "Irons in the Fire" & "The Curve of Binding Energy"
Ted Taylor
( 7-16-97)
former designer of nuclear bombs turned outspoken anti-nuclear proponent
Aaron Lynch
( 7-16-97 &
memeticist; author of "Thought Contagion";
Murray Campbell
( 7-9-97 &
co-creator Deep Blue chess program' IBM scientist;
George C. Williams
( 7-9-97)
evolutionary biologist; member NAS; author "The Pony Fish's Glow"
Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles
( 7-9-97)
author of "Naked to the Bone- Medical Imagining in the 20th Century"
Ernst Mayr
( 7-2-97)
evolutionary biologist; prof. emeritus Harvard U. member NAS;winner Nat'l Medal of Science & the Japan Prize; author of "This is Biology" & others
"Roadside America"
( 7-2-97)
Ken Smith, Doug Kirby & Mike Wilkins, authors of "Roadside America"
Kirstin Bakis
( 7-2-97)
author "Lives of the Monster Dogs"

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