Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlists for October, 2001
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October 7, 2001

Amon Amarth : As Long As the Raven Flies
Behemoth : Inflamed With Rage
Nik Turner : Orgone Accumulator
Mark D : One Thousand Delights
Love As Laughter : Temptation Island
Fugazi : Life & Limb
Red Scare : Iron Curtain
Weapon X : Love Doesn't Come This Way

International Noise Conspiracy : Breakout 2001
Wayne Gordon : Avons House
The Screws : I See You Baby
Dead Moon : Sabotage
Cattle Press : And the Sea Gave Us Its Dead, Crowskin
Black Flag : Jealous Again
Shove : Socktan
Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Miles Away
Fall : Rowche Rumble
Red Monkey : Essential Nutrients
Emperor : Grey

Dismemberment Plan : Come Home
Faxed Head : Chiropractic
Hypnos : Across the Battlefields
Desert Sessions : Polly Wants a Crack Rock, Up In Hell
Dictators : It's Alright

October 14, 2001

Cramps : Sunglasses After Dark
Fairweather : If They Move - Kill Them
Dahlia Seed : Punch & Get Out
Benumb : Liberation
Hellnation : Fight with No Fear
Solarized : Dig the Ride
Bantam Rooster : Crack In Your System
Joy Division : Transmission

The Pattern : Sunned Things Speak
Destruction : Strangulated Pride
Foetus (Mix by Jay Wasco) : Victim or Victor
Milch : Es Gibt Kein Geregeltes Leben
Bevis Frond : Splendid Isolation
Aerogramme : Egypt
Converge : Heaven In Her Arms
Fu Manchu : Wiz Kid

Controllers : Slow Boy
Strike Anywhere : Laughter In A Police State
Witchery : None Buried Deeper
Pain Teens : Cool Your Power
Dismemberment Plan : Sentimental Man
Phantom Limbs : Minutes Collector
Dictators : Who Will Save Rock & Roll
Cable : The Big Rock
Iggy Pop : New Values
Damnation : Death of A Virgin

Man Is The Bastard : Blinds
The Spiders : Koi No Doctor
Dimmu Borgir : Hybrid Stigmata
Yah Mos : Concrete Jungle Song
Mark D : El Morocco
Strangulated Beatoffs : Lightning Bold Nightmares

October 21, 2001

Pseu Braun fills in for Diane!

October 28, 2001

The Pattern : Worse All the Time
Rival Schools : Travel By Telephone
Soilent Green : She Cheated On You Twice
Phoenecia : Jpace
Therion : Midgard
Hellchild : To Find the Unknown
Reynols : - (track 4)

Electric Eels : Jaguar Ride
Les Savy Fav : The Slip
Entombed : Living Dead, Sinners Bleed
Clone Defects : Little Ms Lori
Yah Mos : Let's Do It
Strike Anywhere : Riot of Words
Desert Sessions : Hanging Tree
Faust : Party 1
Damned : Neverland
Ian Dury : Take Your Elbow Out of the Soup
Dead Meadow : One & Old

Witchery : Bone Mill
Gorelord : Dismembered Virgin Limbs
Flying Luttenbachers : The Flotation Method
Misfits : Skulls
The Former Yugoslavia : Highway to Hell
Phantom Limbs : Piss on Them Lightly
Deep Reduction : I'm Gone
ELO : Tightrope

Cramps : Aloha From Hell
Noyz Toyz : Werewolves Outside My Window

Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine is broadcast 5-7 pm Sundays on WFMU - 91.1 FM 90.1 FM and online.

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