Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlists for July, 2001
Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine is broadcast 5-7 pm Sundays on WFMU - 91.1 FM 90.1 FM and online.

July 1, 2001

Absu : A Shield Within an Iron Face
Crispus Attucks : Red Black Blood Attack
Milligram : Names on Walls
Flipper : Sex Bomb
Dixie Witch : Thunderfoot
Skin Yard : 1000 Smiling Knuckles
Zarkons : Rodeo Rider
Bluestars : Social End Product
Avulsed : Blessed by Gore

Dark Day : The Metal Benders
Wellwater Conspiracy : What Becomes of the Clock
Monks : I Hate You
Alabama Thunderpussy : Heavyweight
Facepuller : Lifeguard
TransMegetti : Haircut
Wolf Eyes : These Girls of Mine
Total Fucking Destruction :Armed Response
Children of Bodom : Bodom After Midnight

Pure Rubbish : Kiss of Death
Liars : Start Up
Vote Robot : Krkc Be h
Scrotum Grinder : Big Brother
Pink Holes : Lizards Are Tough
Free : All Right Now
Halfway to Gone : Darktown Strutter

Heutenachtodernie : Fluchtweg - Notausgang
Pilot to Gunner : Every Minute is A Movie
Safety Pins : Murder Nite Kids
Dekapitator : Thundering Legions
Mastodon : Welcoming War

Hawg Jaw : Blindfold, Forfeit
David Shouse & the Bloodthirsty Lovers : The Casio Fight Song

July 8, 2001
featuring a live set by Atlanta's MASTODON!

Pilot to Gunner : Zero Return
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs w/Deniz Tek : Do the Pop
Smogtown : Porno Beach
eX Girl : Gween Kong Zee
Dead Boys : Third Generation Nation
Krisiun : Messiahs Abomination
Aytobach Kreisor : Me Myself & You
Mammoth Volume : Vipera Berus
Soilwork : Structure Divine
Sons of Hercules : Borrowed Time
Terra Firma : Rainbow Ride
Melvins : Anaconda

Live in the Studio : M A S T O D O N
    Shadows That Move
    Welcoming War
    Crusher Destroyer
    Thank You For This
    We Built This Come Death
    Hail To Fire
    Battle At Sea
    Mother Puncher

Defiled : Fatal Intrigue
Pure Rubbish : Parts Unkown
Rocket From the Crypt : Jiggy Jig
Burnt By The Sun : When Corporations Rule Your Mom
Tank : Shellshock
Penance : Words Not Deeds
Kilara : Surpass Onry

July 15, 2001

Glazed Baby : That Much Closer to Hell
Social Infestation : Stop
UK Subs : Lady Esquire
Ire : Atfal Al-Hejara
Therion : Asphyxiate with Fear
Thin Lizzy : Having a Good Time
The Buzzards : High Class

Aggression : Dear John Letter
Pure Rubbish : Let There Be Rock
Dead Moon : These Times With You
Goatsnake : Man of Light
Hawg Jaw : In Sheep's Clothing
Best Kissers in the World : Take Me Home
Trummerfrauen : Vibrator
All : Shreen
Pagans : I'm Moving On
Advocate : Monarch

Avulsed : Nice Rotting Eyes
Damad : Skintight
Mark Robinson : Dilated Pupils
Crush Kill Destroy : Beautiful & Bored
Epoch of Unlight : In the Absence of Light
Radio Birdman : Hand of Law
Ottowa : Desensitized
Zeni Geva : Implosion

Safety Pins : Bionic Girl
Scrotum Grinder : Fight Song Revisited
Mastodon : We Built This Come Death
Clown Alley : The Lie

July 22, 2001

Garlic Boys : Yakuza Love
Jesus & Mary Chain : Down On Me
Boom Bip & Doseone : Dead Man's Teal
Absu : Manannan
Mastodon : We Built This Come Death
Crispus Attucks : Deconstructing
Social Infestation : Gort Load - Helpless/Hopeless
Celtic Frost : Dethroned Emperor
Queens of the Stone Age : The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Hammerhead : Cleaning Woman
Jawbox : Ballast
King Brothers : Drum Rock
Pure Rubbish : Electric Heart
Crowbar : Dream Weaver
Enslaved : Davdningakvida
Gang of Four : I Found That Essence Rare
Funch : Reborn Again

Captain Beyond : Frozen Over
Metal Urbain : Hysterie Connective
Aavikko : Torpedo Boys
Epoch of Unlight :Aegri Somni A Vana
Atomsmasher : Thunderspit
Radio Birdman : Love Kills
Chisel : Guns of Meridian Hill
Sparklehorse : Pig
Trust Fund Babies : Kickin Rocks
Fu Manchu : Grasschopper

Red Monkey : Essential Nutrients
Funkadelic : If You Got Fun- You Got Style

July 29, 2001

Devo : The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
Avulsed : Virtual Massacre
Black Halos : Underground
45s : Drive All Night
Red Aunts : Tin Foil Fishbowl
Santa Sangre : An Afterlife of Death
Multiplex : Repressed Mind
Spirit Caravan : Retroman

Wall of Voodoo : Passenger
Pig Destroyer : Hyperviolet
Aavikko : Viitostie
Metal Urbain : Paris Marquis
Jeff Dahl : Suicide City
Divine Empire : Doomed to Inherit
Atomsmasher : Caught In Your Orbit
Sparklehorse : Piano Fire

Safety Pins : Punkassbitch
Deadly Snakes : Graveyard Snakes
Ratatratr : Cross-Dress Howitzer
Iggy Pop : Mask
Mastodon : Welcoming War
Red Monkey : Courage In This Now
ZAO : The Ghost Psalm

Za Frumi : Albai, Vrapogat
Lost Goat : Pillar of Salt
The Reatards : Alls I Got Is RnR
Los Infernos : We Gotta Get Out
Erase Errata : Marathon

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