Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlists for May, 2001
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May 6, 2001
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Breach : Murder, Gheea
Witchery : A Paler Shade of Death
Bullet La Volta : Sunshine
Lemons : In My Way
Girlschool : Hit & Run
Puffy : Korega Watashino Ikiru Michi

Total Fucking Destruction : Kill the Jocks & Eat Their Brains
I Start Counting : Grass Snake
Yanti Arifin : Losing My Cool
Front Georg : Wahn
Soilwork : Structure Divine
Mastodon : We Built This Come Death
Skin Yard : Miss You
Blondie : Rip Her To Shreds (live)

Spirit Caravan : Find It
Shotgun Wedding : Solar Hex
Leather Nun : Jesus Came Driving Along
Melt Banana : Spathic
Die Kreuzen : All White
The Forty Fives : Get It Together
Armored Saint : False Alarm

Venom : Welcome to Hell
Black Halos : Some Things Never Fall
BellRays : Kill the Messenger
Zen Guerilla : Mod Riot
Hellchild : The Change & the Unchangeable
Marduk : Obedience Unto Death
Dim Mak : Defy the Clouds
Dag Nasty : Can I Say

Squeeze : Cool For Cats
Nile : Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake
Human Remains : Chewed Up & Spit Out

May 13, 2001
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Radio Birdman : Anglo Girl Desire
Foetus : Suspect
Rip Rig & Panic : Those Eskimo Women Speak Freely
Shadows Fall : Fleshold
Cult of the Dead Cow : Dead Cow
Mistreaters : You Don't Live Here Anymore
Lowrider : Dust Settin

Rolling Stones : Paint it Black
Enemymine : Lengua Geographica
Nasum : The Professional League
Aavikko : Lazer Theme
Morgion : Basking Under A Blacksun Dawning
Pagans : She's A Cadaver
Milligram : Fear & Loathing Everywhere
Mastodon : Welcoming War
Children of Bodom : Bodom After Midnight

Alabama Thunderpussy : Dryspell
The Cheeky Bastid : Money On You
Rainer Maria : Hell & High Water
Helios Creed : Alien Landscape
Isis : Divine Mother
Real Kids : Senseless

Nebula : Shaker, Goodbye Yesterday
Dismemberment Plan : I Heart A Magician
Orchid : Lights Out
Engorge : Endless Abyss
Richard Hell & the Voidoids : oh
Altamont : Track 2

May 20, 2001
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Andy G & the Roller Kings : Feelin' So Good
Fabulous Disaster : Minimize My Faith
Hate : God Overslept
To Rococo Rot & I Sound : A Number of Things
The Fire Show : Explosion : Cerebellum
Dr. Octagon : Earth People
Belfegor : The Kingdom of Glacial Palaces

Mouse On Mars : Catching Butterflies With Hands
Altamont : Song #4
Gasoline : Beat In Blue
Fun Things : When the Birdmen Fly
The Mullens : Goodbye Lady
7000 Dying Rats : Strippers on Ecstasy
The Chills : Donald Duck in Chicago, If This World Was Made For Me
Pussycat Trash : Style B- Rogue Robots
Magazine : Burst (Peel Session)

The Urchin : I Don't Like What I Do
Black Dice : Printed Paper
Void : Who Are You?
Limecell : Rosy Palm
Mastodon : We Built This Come Death
The Pattern : Worse All the Time
Aavikko : Itameri
Puffy Ami Yumi : Destruction Pancake
Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer : Norbert H. Conduit
Darkane : Hostile Phantasm
Submission Hold : Quality of Growth
Dirtbombs : Underdog
False Prophets : Overkill

Mistreaters : I'm Hurting
Trans Megetti : Haircut
Mensen : Wembley

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