Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlists for April, 2001
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April 1, 2001 with Hova, a/k/a H-Bomb as co-host
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Black Halos : Jane Doe
Las Cruces : Pigz
Supersuckers : Goin' Back to Tucson
Destroyer 666 : I Am The Wargod
Grey Matter : Second Guess

Crispus Attucks : If Not P Then Q
Esrevnoc : Bijin
Nitocris : Sycophant
Rotting Christ : You Are I
Sweet : No You Don't

Hellacopters : Looking At Me
Melt Banana : Lost In Mirror
Chokebore : Thin As Clouds

Dismemberment Plan : Memory Machine
Distillers : Idoless
Lemons : Half the Way
Gehenna : Seed of Man's Destruction
Zeke : Automatic
Panel Donor : Hooked Up

April 8, 2001
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Holly Golightly : Rain Down Rain
Convulse : The Rite of Sunshine
Nebula : Beyond, Giant
Black Halos : Sell Out Love
Wipers : Better Off Dead
Dead World : Dead World
Knifehandchop : X?

Goatsnake : The Innocent
Crispus Attucks : Go Humanitarian
Gorguts : Das Martyr
The Oranges : Sweater Weather
Oblivians : Trouble
Edge of Sanity : Sacrificed
Switchblade : The Stachanov
Will Haven : Muse
Magus : Icons of Gods
The Fall : English Scheme
Blind Dog : Back Where I've Always Been
Mudhoney : Inside Job
Photon Band : Little Mind
Engorge : Endless Abyss

Dickies : Shadow Man
Dimmu Borgir : Puritania
Oneida : XXY
Melt Banana : Flash Cube or Eyeball
3rd Bass : Pop Goes the Weasel
Strung Out : Novacain
Pagans : Nowhere to Run
Nerves : Cry, Cry
Soilent Green : It Was Just An Accident

April 15, 2001
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Botch : Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb
Tank : Chain of Fools
Alabama Thunder Pussy : Podium
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult : The Velvet Edge
Facepuller : Coin Toss
Mastodon : Welcoming War

Malevolent Creation : Compulsive
2nd Gen : Slowburn
Blind Dog : Damned If I Should Care
David Jackman : Machine Guns
Acid : Hooked On Metal
100 Flowers : Presence of Mind
Transmegetti : Haircut
Thin Lizzy : Killer on the Loose
Monomen : Kick Out The Jams

Damad : Token
Siouxsie & the Banshees : Mirage
Crom : Humiliate the Corpse
Forsaken : Seers Hatred
Crispus Attucks : Foolkiller
Alice Cooper : Raped & Freezin'
The Diablo Project : Molotov Cocktail
Soilwork : Bastard Chain
General Surgery : Crimson Concerto

Fad Gadget : One Man's Meat
Black Halos : Jane Doe
Ramones (Joey Ramone RIP 1951-2001):
          Blitzkrieg Bop,
          Somebody Put Something In My Drink
          I'm Affected
Windham Hell : Faded Epitaph Crescendo
Systema Nervioso : Before the Fall
Now Time Delegation : Raise Your Hand

April 22, 2001
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Joey Ramone w/the Independents : Garden of Serenity
Mistreaters : I'm Hurting
Scorn : Flap part 2
Asphyx : God Cries
Meatjack : Falling Down
Idiot Flesh : The Nothing Show
The Forsaken : Incinerate

Mastodon : Battle at Sea
Anton Maiden : Run to the Hills
Reid Paley : The Anesthetist's Song
Napalm Death : Blunt Against the Cutting Edge
The Pattern : Finger Us
Tender Idols : Freefall
Goatsnake : Long Gone
Neurosis : Locust Star (live)
The Oranges Band : One Parts

ZAO : Limbo
Gorguts : Testimonial Ruin
Gravitar : Strained
Red Planet : Big Hair Camaro
J Church : I Would For You
Transmegetti : Trick the Twitches
Voivod : Innner Combustion
Melvins : Echo/Don't Piece Me

Dismemberment Plan : The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
Proletarian Art Threat : Carbon Paper for the Soul
Sunless Day : Give Me A Call
Belfegor : I'll Come from 4 Sides of the world
Black Halos : Lost in the 90's
Son of Sam : Of Power
Cobra Verde : Hanging From the Devil's Tree
Shove : Me vs Darth
Hives : Well Well Well
Church of Misery : Megalomania

April 29, 2001
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Supersuckers : Barricade
Opeth : Bleak
Pleasure Forever : Our Way
Hives : AKA I-D-I-O-T
Good Riddance : Always

Mastodon : Hail to Fire, Welcoming War
Cop Shoot Cop : Dive
Milligram : Names On Walls
Trans Megetti : Turned On
Aavikko : New York - London - Silinharvi - Tokyo
Marduk : Ars Mariendi, Azrael

Darkane : Third
Keelhaul : Corrugated Blacklung
Swell Maps : Then Poland, Full Moon In My Pocket, BLAM!
Left : Guilt
Nevermore : The River Dragon Has Come

Ron Asheton : Dead End Street
Arsenal : When Heads Collide
Girly Machine : Strange
Magus : The Magus
Flipper : Ha Ha Ha
Nebula : Goodbye Yesterday
Nitocris : Egotistical

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