Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Playlists for March, 2001
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March 4, 2001
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Transmetal: The Call of Death
Radiopuhelimet : Elaintarhaan!
The Hives : Fever
Rocket From the Crypt : Venom Venom
Emperor : Sworn
Hot Water Music : Bound

The Chasm : The Scars of My Journey
Blind Dog : 10,000 Reasons
Shemps : Deep Thinker
Four Way Cross : Interstate
Black Dice : Smile Friends
Bolt Thrower : For Victory
Switchblade : Eyedropper
Pessimist : Pyrosexual
BS2000 : No Matter What Shape Your Stomach Is In
Fatal Flying Guilloteens : Burn To Shine

Neurosis : Flood
Flux Information Sciences : Appealing
Found My Direction : Burn All White Flags
Turbonegro : Good Head
Screamers : I'm a Mensch
Melt Banana : Flip & Hit
Madeline Bell : That's What Friends Are For
Bloodbath : Furnace Funeral
Insomniacs : Get Yourself Home
Puffy Amiyumi : Asia No Junshin

Warhorse : Doom's Bride
Unida : Plastic
Krabathor : Pacifistic Death

March 11, 2001
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Kreator : When the Sun Burns Red
Polyphemus : Masses of Tiny dots
Eyes See Red : Emotional Flatline
Plate Six : Love Will Tear Us Apart
Damnation : Driver

Hellacopters : A Cross For Cain
Dissection : Son of the Mourning
Orb : Thursday's Keeper
Breach : Helldrivers
Bloodloss : Vanishing Point
The Gossip : Got All This Waiting
Shogun : The Pull
Croatan : I Could Resist

Blood Duster : Vulgar Taste
Hives : Mad Man
Blind Dog : Feels Like My Mind
Knifehandchop : Recreational Killing
The Locust : Gluing Carpet to Your Genitals Does Not Make You A Cantaloupe
Sludgeworth : Another Day
Crow : Dark Grief..Anger & Dark
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Unter Der Asche

N.O.T.A. : Toy Soldiers (live)
Radiopuhelimet : Hullun Opetus
Nikki Sudden : Too Bad for You
Knut : Crawling On All Fours
Discordance Axis : Radiant Arkham
Polysics : XCT
Rocket From the Crypt : Return of the Liar

Immolation : Furthest From the Truth
Meatjack : Masikit
Plunderphonic : Mother
Dim Mak : Interceptor

March 18, 2001
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Melvins : Leeech
N.O.T.A. : Sick Society
Down By Law : Hit or Miss
Destroyer 666 : The Last Revelation
Switchblade : The Stachanov
Ripping Corpse : Sweetness
Love Life : Love potion's Poison

Black Dice : Smile Friends
Clash : White Riot
Anti Flag : Seattle Was A Riot
Gorguts : Das Martyr...
The Locust : Turning Your Merchandise Into A Ripped Wall of Mini-Abs
David Bowie : Soul Love
Milligram : After the Riot
Snuff : Who's Asking
Infestdead : Re-Resurrection
Supersuckers : Thinkin' Out Loud
Discordia : Segregacion

Jacob's Mouse : Twist
Hives : Untutored Youth
Dark Tranquillity : The Wonders At Your Feet
Social Distortion : Lude Boy
Herbert : Devil's Garden
Nikki Sudden : Evangeline
Houwitser : War- Blood- and Honey

Black Halos : Some Things Never Fall
Candlemass : Nimis
Hyperspherian : The Haunted House
Iron Monkey : Fink Dial
Anathema : Mine Is Yours To Drown In
Pocket Fisherman : Dead Dog

March 25, 2001 Marathon show with Joe Belock as Co-Host
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Best Kissers In The World : Pickin' Flowers For
Occult : Fatal Disorder
45 Grave : 45 Grave
New Bomb Turks : Automatic Teller
Black Halos : Last of the 1%ers
Darkane : A Wisdom's Breed

Sunride : Straightliner
Insomniacs : Don't Turn Away
El Dopa : Clawing At the Walls
Drunk Horse : Manchild
Proletariat : Torn Curtain

Hives : Main Offender
Voivod : Voivod
Radiopuhelimet : Elaintarhaan

Hatewave : Never At Peace
Adverts : Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Alabama Thunderpussy : Mosquito
Goat Shanty : Thirteen

Defleshed : Beaten, Loved & Eaten
Accused : No Hope For Relief/Close Insight
Cattle Press : Arc of Infinity

Wipers : Return of the Rat

Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine is broadcast 5-7 pm Sundays on WFMU - 91.1 FM 90.1 FM and online.

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