Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Dec 27, 1999

Gits Another Shot Of Whiskey
Drunk Horse Nocturnal Emotions
The Heads You
Lacuna Coil My Wings
Craw Sound Of Every Promise

Dicky B. Hardy Guess Hate Wrote This:45
Postmortem Heiligenschein
Chrome Locust Intro/Ain't No Love
Thin Lizzy Killer Without A Cause
Kilara Wishing
Polizei Terror Ankunft In Oslo
DevoSmart Patrol/Mr Dna
Nebula Rollin' My Way To Freedom
Buzzcocks Breakdown

Warm Wires Women Are Better Than Men
La Peste Better Off Dead
El Dopa 1332
Clairmel Drop 50
Therion Melez
Sonics Rendezvous Band City Slang
Lost In Translation Sexy War
Ec8or Discriminate Against The Next Fashion Sucker You Meet
Bauhaus In The Flat Field

Bomb Pops Moving Day Song
Atomic Rooster I Can't Take No More
Motorhead Ace Of Spades
Lalo Schifrin Mission Impossible
Brown Lobster Tank Fluffy
Voivod Into My Hypercube
Luke Vibert Remixing Dj Monks Hey Hey Can U Relate?

Kittens Mongoose
Gene Krupa Tiger Rag
Brian Jonestown Massacre Servo
Jane Doe Vicious Cycle
Tiamat For Her Pleasure
Cactus Alaska
St37 Acetone
Uz Jsme Doma Thin Ice

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