Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Dec 20,1999

Alec Empire Black Sabbath
Remains All Good Things
Integrity Rebirth
Highways Over Gardens New Territories
Lost Goat Bitter Pill
Hickoids Rodeo Peligroso
Krabathor Abscene Of Life

Alcohol Funnycar Get It Right
Groundhogs Express Man
Dark Tranquillity To A Bitter Halt
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 The Spaghetti Song
60 Foot Dolls No 1. Pure Alcohol
Subhumans Big City
St. James Infirmary Always A Hassle
Slow 45:Gregg Allman- I'm No Angel 3:41 @45- 4:59 @33rpm
Soul Storm Cold
Pitchshifter Microwaved

Saints Wild About You
Gerty Farish We Are Robot
Sinister Enslave The Weak
Terra Firma Spiral Guru
Ruts West One (Shine On Me)
Wheat Flat Black
Rutles Piggy In The Middle
Pop Group We Are Prostitutes

Chupa Cabra Flake Out King
Sammy Teen Tour
Beastie Boys Body Movin'
Abigor Dawn Of Human Dust
Sacrilicious Misunderstood
The Shins Eating Styes From Elephant Eyes
Sea Monkeys Cartoon Horse & Chunnel

David Bowie Janine
Satan's Pilgrims Spanish Head
Boss Hog 12 Xu
Dog Faced Hermans Fortune
Logical Nonsense Social Delusion
Psychotic Youth You Ain't Got No Dough (Bomp Comp)
Covenant Planetarium
Adonis No Way Back
Drunk Horse Temperamental Woman
Johnny Cash Understand Your Man
Dodge Main City Slang

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