Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Dec 6, 1999

Mc5 I Just Don't Know
Gauze Thrash Thrash Thrash +1
Taylor Meets Thee Headcoatees Have Love Will Travel
Home Freedohm Road
Facepuller Scream/Feel/Think
Kilara Surpass Onry
Simpsons Cut Every Corner

The Strike Shots Heard 'round The World
Kleenex (Liliput) Beri Beri
Gray Matter Retrospect
Deathwitch Necromancer
Hillside Stranglers Strychnine
Vodka Collins Billy Mars
Godheadsilo Just Friends
My Dying Bride Silent Dance
Psychic Tv Love War Riot

Nebula So Low
Clash Complete Control
Undertones My Perfect Cousin
The Haunted Bullet Hole
Planquez I Am Submarinor
West Street Mob Break Dance, Electric Boogie
Bauhaus Dark Entries (Live)
Devo Sib (Live)

The Sensualists Dip & Peaks
Amon Amarth Amon Amarth
Jethro Tull Son
High School Sweethearts She's Something
Uz Jsme Doma Sousedska
Jackwacker Thighmaster
The Orchestre Murphy Bad Day At Babbling Brook
Damned Stranger On The Town
Czech A New Star

Zeros Handgrenade Heart
Overhang Party 4
Fire Engines New Thing In Cartons
Moonspell Adeptables
Buddy Guy Let Me Love You Baby
Guzzard Steeples
Anti Heroes Rich People Don't Go To Jail
Pivot Pawn To Shell

Us Bombs The Captain
Poly Styrene Day That Time Forgot
The Causey Way I Sweat
Geezer Lake James Dean, Apple Cart Sink
Gerty Farish We Are Robot, The Magic Restoring Power Of Sleep, Minute Vacations
The Autumn Leaves The Light Brigade Of Fireflies Are Dazzling Midnight Suns
Spazz A Legend In Your Own Mind

Unida Thorn
Lemons In My Way
Amebix Arise
Svartahrid Forthcoming Storm
Bane In Pieces, Count Me Out
Cheater Slicks I Can Go On
Tav Falco's Panther Burns Brazil
Velvet Crush Worst Enemy
Men's Recovery Project Driving By Smell
Noisegate Solar Eclipse

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