Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Sept 20, 1999

Bad Brains Reignition
Shorty I Prefer Nitwit
In Flames Jester Script Transfigured
Macgillicudys Don't Shatter My World
Strain Cataract
Come One Piece
Golgotha Emotionless
Amon Tobin Reanimator

Live PerformanceLost Goat:
  • Bitter Pill,
  • Doin' Time,
  • Golem,
  • Wailing Wall Blues,
  • Twisted,
  • Born Yesterday,
  • Poison

Young Gods Gasoline Man
Fast Forward Pre-Seasonal Man
Zero Boys Cry Baby
Alice Cooper You Drive Me Nervous
Arch Enemy Pilgrim
Killing Joke Wardance
Jud Jud High Hat Song, Gallop Song
Squab Teen Barry Gibbons' Motor Oil (Salt On Slug Mix)
Patti Smith Ask The Angels

Cows Carnival Ride
Pitch Shifter We're Behaving Like Insects
Flamin Groovies Teenage Head
Sons Of Abraham Termites In His Smile
Famous Monsters Monster Girls Are Go
Cobra Verde Casino
Samael Exodus
Atomic Bitchwax Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang Me In My Home

Hellchild Self Scorn
16 Door Prize
Stranglers Do You Wanna/Death & Night & Blood
War We Are War
Le Pimp King Of The Bad Groove
Attitude Adjustment Grey World
Knifedance Slowburn

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