Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Aug 23, 1999

Flamin Groovies High Flyin Baby
Pure Rubbish Maximum Boy
Arch Enemy Angelclaw
Kid Dynamite Breakin's A Memory
Grassy Knoll Altering The Gates Of The Mind
Hot Water Music Free Radio Gainesville
88 Fingers Louie Out There
Ramones Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Cavity Wounded

Natas Meteoro, Tufi Meme
Plan E My Skeleton
Exit 13 Gaia
Afrika Bambaataa Tension
Art Of Noise A Day At The Races
Emperor An Elegy Of Icarus
Grade Triumph & Tragedy

Green Magnet School Throb
Monolith Matrix A (Teknoir Compilation)
High Rise Ikon
Gray Matter Bite The Bit
Groundhogs Cherry Red
Pere Ubu Worlds In Collision
Acid King Electric Machine

Dark Tranquillity The Sun Fired Blanks
Toys Went Berserk Brand New Life
Generation X Day By Day
Beat Pharmacy The Next Big Chill
Sjp Funktastic Boombastic
Central Hard Hit
Bruce La Bruce Featuring Candy Parker Are You For Real Mr. Lewis?
Jazz Butcher Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Angel Corpse Stormgods Unbound

Radio 4 Beat Round The Bush
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak
Public Enemy Whatwhat
Deathwitch Track 4

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