Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Jul 26, 1999

Grace Jones La Vie En Rose
Dark Tranquillity Free Card
Ton Ups Dope Fiend
Chavez Pentagram Ring
Jazzanova Caravelle
Dropkick Murphys Boston Asphalt

Thrown Ups Walrus Head
Moonshake Cranes
Will Haven Labcoats
Minor Threat Seeing Red
Sons Of Hercules Some Kind Of Freak
Hypocrisy Apocalyptic Hybrid
Flu 13 Effexor
Immortal Tragedies Blows At Horizon
Ellay Kule, 2mex, Wreccless, Drez Bust Must Just Us

Weld Beating A Little
30 Foot Fall Metal Killed My Cat
Tranquility Bass Cantamilla
Os101 Babysitter
Replikants Escape VelocityParts 1 & 2
Minimal Compact The Howling Hole
Chelsea Evacuate
Captain Beefheart Here I Am I Always Am

Plan E Decades
Mighty Sphincter Mental Mansion
Blind Guardian Tommyknockers
Farside My Man Harvey Milk
Hillka Eat Me Koc
Minimal Man He/She
Dose Eyesore
T Rex Metal Guru

Raw Power Rph
Mind Over Four Social Stature, Vernal Equinox, The Culmination
Pere Ubu All The Dogs Are Barking
Wall Of Voodoo Red Light
Dead Can Dance The Writing On My Fathers Hand
Grade Triumph & Tragedy
Ministry New World Order

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