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Playlists for July 12, 1999
Special Program Featuring Live Performance By Italy's Raw Power


Raw Power Disease, Who Cares
Chrome Locust Drop
Hellchild Without Any Answer

Raw Power LivePower, Anger, A Certain Kind Of Killer, Tax, Rph

Treepeople Better Days
Plan E Mexican Stars
Foetus Enter The Exterminator
Breakouts No More

Raw Power Live Make Or Brake, Reptile House, You're Fired, My Boss, Hate

Killing Joke Change
Pugs Galaxier
Shut UpStiff Birds
Meshuggah Terminal Illusions
AdzGet Bent
Dirtclodfight Song For An Asthmatic
Cavity Taint & Abandon

Raw Power LiveStart A Fight, Police Police, Politicians, Why, Raw Power, State Oppression

Champs Andres Segovia Interests Me
Tallow Silverback Sons Of Hercules Hard Time

Raw Power LiveWhite Minority

Uxa Immunity
Iron Monkey Kiss Of Death
Immortal Years Of Silent Sorrow
RattlecatsRun My Life
Shy It Ain't Easy
SolarizedIron Hike, Feb. 6th
Shotgun Wedding Solar Hex
FarsideThe Fashionable Rebellion
Stranglers Duchess
Pere Ubu The Fabulous Sequel
Cherubs Cockpit, Venus Flytrap
Dimmu Borgir Reptile
Dickies You Drive Me Ape You Big Gorilla, Walk Like An Egg, Paranoid
Die TripDie Trip

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