Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for July 5, 1999

Lost Goat Doing Time
Moby Machete
Twitch Pull
Chrome Locust Heavy Medication Jolt
Husker DuEiffel Tower High

Raw Power Anger, Tax, Reptile House
Guitar Wolf Fujiyama Attack
Snuff Nick Northern
Mott The Hoople One Of The Boys
Speedy J Ieee Mitten Menu
Hot Rod Honeys Novocaine, Satan Loves Y'all
Idle Hands Rokus
Kokugo Piano Romance Guerilla
Operation Reinformation :Simple
Morphine I Know You Pt 3
Iron Monkey Arsonaut

Pere Ubu 49 Guitars & A Girl
Sparklehorse Happy Pig
Cock Sparrer Runnin' Riot
Coa Be There Human, Be There , Spy, Intro.-My Right
Mink Ride
Cavity Set In Cinders
Immortal :Withstand The Fall Of Time
Dennis Brown Victory Is Mine
Slack Ruff
Guided By Voices Teenage Fbi

Hot Water Music Another Way
Solarized Cloud King
Aerobitch Are You Ready
Naked RaygunVagabond Dog, Ok Wait
Lynnfield Pioneers Astral Plane
Kinks So Mystifying
King Snake Roost Adrenitude
KleenexBeri Beri
HellacoptersThe Electric Index Eel
Zeke Twisted
Merzbow African Brass Session Vol 2

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