Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for June 28,1999

Solarized February Sixth (Anti Life Equation)
Childkraft Tiny Planets
John Von Ryan Solo
Gerty Farish Hootars
Meat Puppets Sexy Music
Nevermore Dreaming Neon Black
Los Infernos Beer Run
At The Price Of Union Monuments, Scream For Me Eagle
Cortex Bomb Paul Schaffer Auto Erotic Vacuum Cleaner Exit Wound
Plan E When Wings Drag On The Ground
Guitar Wolf Kaminar I One
Scared Of Chaka 17
Guided By Voices Surgical Focus
Electrogroup Green Machine
Testament True Believer
Crucifix Annihilation
The Gathering My Electricity
Meat Beat Manifesto Staccato's Theme
Chrome Locust The Cycle Of Birth & Death

Die Trip Computer Die Duk O Death
Captain Beefheart Electricity
Coyote Men Sure Can Move
Hellacopters Welcome To Hell
Merzbow Metro And Bus
Rick Ocasek Fix On You
Kokugo Piano Romance Guerilla
Guttermouth Food Storage

Hellchild Self- Scorn
Immortal Where Dark & Light Don' T Differ
Hellchild In Indulgence
Gbh City Baby Attacked By Rats
Creeps On CandyTrial
Cape Canaveral Still Searchin
Pugs Revenge Of Publisher
Operation Reinformation The Leader
Leatherface Alright Jack
God Dethroned A View Of Ages
Ministry Supermanic Soul

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