Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Apr 26, 1999

Damned Love Song
Cynics 13 O'clock Daylight Savings Time
Mithotyn Lost In The Mist
Solarized Solar Fang
Poison Idea Taken By Surprise
Lagwagon Restrain
Epidemic Cause Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid

Helios Creed Nugg The Transport
Hypocrisy Til The End
The Coyote Men All Action Man
Kiss Cold Gin
Alien Faktor Ants, Sheep, Drunks & Whores
16 Volt 2 Wires
Golgotha The Wood In Me
Headless Horsemen Same Old Thing
97a What Went Wrong

The Deviants Love Among The Zombies
Avengers We Are The One
Rotting Christ Der Perfekte Traum
Redd Kross Crazy World
The Gears Darlin' Baby
Jumbo Peppering The Absurdity
Stisism Formaldehyde Baby
Fruitcake Patty Lane
Indigo Zeros Naked
^Kjeffrey Lee Pierce Lucky Jim
Porcelain Boys Puffed
Men's Recovery Project Naked Sailor, Sexual Pervert & If You Love Food You'll Hate Occoquan
Colossus Of The Fall Downfall Of Man
Cavity Black Snake , Damaged Iv
Daisycutter Negative Stone Warp
Dick Dale Fish Taco
Dag Nasty Million Days
The Go-Betweens Karen
Monstrosity The Angel's Venom
Stooges Fun House

Orange Goblin Lunarville7-Airlock 3
The Cure A Forest
Neurosis Descent
Sea Monkeys City Dump

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