Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for April 12, 1999

Brainbombs Slayer, Slutmaster
Snfu Scarecrow, Black Cloud
Cavity Last Of The Final Goodbyes
Godflesh Crush My Soul, Body Dome
Stuntmen Take A Ride

Gus 10 Point Pedestrian
Golgotha The Wood In Me
Trunk Federation Bad Dog/Reject
Swingin' Utters Stupid Lullabies
Q Burns Abstract Message Song For Peace
Spinal Tap Hell Hole
Neurosis Emergence^K^Klolita No. 18 Be My Baby
Under The Gun By Myself
Hendrix /Band Of Gypsys Izabella
Roxette The Look
Alabama Thunder Pussy Alto Vista
Wool Medication
Dead Can Dance In The Wake Of Adversity

Agathodaimon Stingher/Alone
Styrenes Thanks For Coming Home
Bunny Brains Onic Outh
Vomitus Witching
Hazeldine Whiskey In The Jar
Old 97's Crash On The Barrelhead
Rye Coalition The Dirty Aristocrat , Amplification Of Queen Bee
Orange Goblin Blue Snow, Solarisphere
Doc Hopper Oswald
Order From Chaos Plateau Of Invincibility

Knapsack Cellophane
The Bran Flakes Cinder
Bicentennial Quarters Hogarth Utilisation
Bullet La Volta Chalkdust
Dickies Stuck In A Condo With Marlon Brando

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