Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Mar 22, 1999

Helios Creed Tele-Vision
The Brats First Rock Star On The Moon
Disassociate Worst Case Scenario
Bootfunk Huffin' & Puffin'
Bad Religion Big Bang

Komputer Looking Down On London
Of Cabbages & Kings The Reign
The Wrong Directions Heart Of Wood
Usurper Wolflord
Johnny "Guitar" Watson Motorhead Baby
Filter Kweens Ground Parrot
High School Sweethearts Wake Up

Benumb Stood Up & Sold Out
Curd Duca Out Of Reach, Ob Exp 3/4
Organum Voice Of The Angel
Fu Manchu Godzilla
Redd Kross Lady In The Front Row
Grassy Knoll Culture Of Complaint
Scrog Cage
Field Mice This Love Is Not Wrong

Pet Ufo On Liberty
Humpers Mutate With Me
Slab The Animals
Patti Smith Pumping My Heart
Jesuit Servitude 101
Crust New Brown Belt
Samael Exodus

Can She Brings The Rain
Shadows Of Sunset The Darkened Veil
The Sweet Hell Raiser
Supple Hard
Laughing Us Goin' Off
16 Attention Span
Kim Salmon & The Surrealists The Cockroach
Thee Hydrogen Terrors Michigan State University Fight Song
Dropdead Us & Them
Landed Live In April

Melvins Vile
Shadows Fall To Ashes
Samiam She Found You
Roky Erickson Think Of As One
Sensefield Nova
Cows The Bucket

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