Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Jan 4, 1999

Stiff Little Fingers Alternative Ulster
Chrome Third From The Sun
Nitocris Sycophant
Proletariat Voodoo Economics
At The Gates World Of Lies
Cramps Goo Goo Muck

Alabama Thunder Pussy Get Mad/Get Even
Soul Side Bass
Uk Subs Crash Course
Bandit Queen Give It To The Dog
Pop Group We Are Prostitutes
Deep Reduction Black Tulip

Pailhead Man Will Surrender
Grim Mannequin Factory
Black Flag Depression
Claw Hammer Bums On The Flow
Zero Boys Civilization's Dying
Motorhead We Are The Road Crew
Mechanical Bride Swamp Thing
Bauhaus In The Night
Nile Ramses Bringer Of War
Computer Cougar Stunt Pilot

Fad Gadget The Box
Leatherface In The Real World
Damned Born To Kill
Tank Stormtrooper
Oblivians He's Your Man
Magazine Definitive Gaze
Die Kreuzen All White
Shattered Faith Mirrors Reflection
Minor Threat Seeing Red
Chills Effloresce & Deliquese

Gray Matter 2nd Guess
Lemons Half The Way
Cassus BelliPunishment
Therion The Beauty In Black
Clown Alley The Lie
Descendents Pep Talk
Xtc Senses Working Overtime
Adolescents No Way
Superhighway Carfire Public Burning
Paul Hardcastle19

Fang Fun With Acid
Wildhearts Suckerpunch
Siouxsie & The Banshees Mirage
Stranglers Hanging Around
Voivod Xray Mirror

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