Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Dec 21, 1998

Steel Miners You're All Mine
Insomniacs Guilt Free
30 Foot Fall Subhumanitarian Homewrecked Blues
BoredomsSuper You
Dictators 2 Tub Man
Meatjack Eunuch

Crack Up Modern Art
Party Of Helicopters The Armless Legless Wonder
The Rising Storm Frozen Laughter
Experimental Audio Research #7
Rufus W/Chaka Khan Tell Me Something Good
Germs Forming

Unsane Lead
Adrenalin Od Ww4 Rah Jah, Pizza & Beer
Riverdales Fun Tonight
Alabama Thunder Pussy Altovista, Podium
Ruins Ffeniko
Pain Teens 1,00 Nights, Daughter Of Chaos
Olivelawn Horray For Flipping
Zoogz Rift Kay Fabe Violation

Revillos Where's The Boy For Me?
Abominant Rebirth
Backside 7 Minutes
Orb Little Fluffy Clouds
Rig Tania
Cryptopsy Abigor
Rip Rig & Panic Storm The Reality Asylum
Sonics The Witch
Croatan Split The Image
Squeeze Up The Junction
Malevolent Creation Premature Burial

Hellacopters Freeway To Hell
Deep Reduction Gotta Say No
Portishead Cowboys
Le Car Flame Job
Cavity Burning My Eyes
Rip Chortds Trophy Machine
John's Children Smashed Blocked
Hot Water Music Bitter End

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