Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Dec 14, 1998

Best Kissers In The World Bleeder
88 Fingers Louie Won't Stay Late
Razor Electric Torture
Snake Nation This Nation
Fiends Outtasight
Yximalloo Offer Incense Sticks
Party Of Helicopters Reduced To Rubble

Omega Man January
T Rex Teenage Dream
Alabama Thunder Pussy When Mercury Drops
Ganster Fun Shrivel Up
Abominant Portal Of Madness
Atrax Morgue Evisceration

Hellacopters Long Gone Losers
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love
Dalek Swollen Tongue Bums
Dismember Afterimage
Unsane Stop
5,6,7,8'sMr Lee
Ymo Expected Way

Speak 714 Bottom Line
Hot Water Music Bitter End
Snapper Buddy
Lag Wagon Lamens Terms
Yaz Don't Go
Youth Brigade Fight To Unite, The Circle
Purple Hearts Millions Like Us

Dr Seuss Reading:There's A Wocket In My Pocket
Crack Up The Assassin
Chairmen Of The Board Everythings Tuesday
Taylor 17 Hours
Deep Reduction Can't Say No
Ensign Hell
Butterscott Francine
Ublisch Leprechauns Are People Too
Duotron Aeiou!
Klaus Nomi Za Bak Daz

Spanish Fly Sustain
Hellchild Soul Of Purity
Kilara Love & Loathing

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