Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine


Playlists for Nov 30, 1998

Come Submerge
Pale Fountains There's Always Sojmeything On My Mind
Edge Of Sanity Twilight
Devo Wiggly World
Branch Manager Floored & To The Left
Altered Images Dead Pop Stars
Croatan Split The Image
Planet Patrol Play At Your Own Risk

Can Spoon
Queens Of The Stone Age You Would Know
Snuff Nick Northern
Shellac Mouthpiece
Operation Reinformation Rheostat
Blitzkrieg Abuse Of Power, Destruction
Willie King Peg Leg Woman

Damad Waste
Discount On The Counter
Gob Self Appointed Leader
Soilent Green It Was Just An Accident
Helios Creed Some Way Out
Bad Brains Big Takeover
Kid Dynamite Table 19
Glaxo Babies Limited Entertainment

Seuss Reading Horton Hears A Who

Wayne Kramer It's Never Enough
Gustav MahlerSymphony In D Major
Nick Cave All Tomorrow's Parties
State Route 522 Standards
Brown Lobster Tank Ripe
Gang Of Four Return The Gift
Znowhite Sledgehammer, Saturday Night
In Flames Jotun, Food For The Gods
The Other Side Diggin Up The Yard

Karp Dueling Banshees

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